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As you know our sister channel in the US, The Liquidation Channel often sends us some great surprises in the way of presenters. In the past we’ve had some fabulous guest presenters – Roxanne Wilson and Leigh-Anne Brown, LC’s very own “Queen of Diamonds” to name a couple.

And now we look forward to meeting the lovely Becky Booker. Becky will be joining Ellis Ward this Thursday at 10 am where they’ll be co-presenting The Jewellery Channel’s fabulous African Gems show.

Get to know Becky…

Becky BookerBecky was born in Dallas, Texas and spent most of her childhood in a small Texan town called Uncertain. As a child Becky was lucky to spend a lot of time on her Grandfather’s farm in central Texas and this was where shediscovered her passion of gemstones.

Becky continued to pursue her love of gemstones and minerals and got a chance to work for a company selling loose and replacement gemstones. She’d caught the bug! And so Becky headed out to California to the Gemological Institute of America in 1988. Once qualified in the gem field, she continued on at the prestigious GIA as an instructor sharing her knowledge on grading and sorting cut diamonds.

Prior to working for The Liquidation Channel, Becky was a host on a small independent station presenting her own show – ‘Becky Booker Show’. Following radio, she joined the company on a part-time overnight basis, but in 2012 Becky was made a full time member of The Liquidation Channel family.

The audience love her presentation style and the way she shares all the fun facts about gemstones she’s collected over the years. Her absolute favourite gemstone has to be Rock Crystal Quartz, bringing back nostalgic memories of discovering it on her grandpa’s farm.

So make sure you tune in on Thursday at 10 am and join with Becky Booker and Ellis Ward.

Love TJC xxx

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  1. How exciting! I absolutely loved Roxanne when she came over to TJC she was hilarious and a breath of fresh air! Good luck Becky really looking forward to seeing you on the screen soon.

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