Meet Colin, the new MD at TJC

Colin Wagstaffe, The Jewellery ChannelWe’re very pleased to introduce to you Colin Wagstaffe, the new managing director here at The Jewellery Channel. Colin has worked in the jewellery business for a number of years; his last job was working for the world’s largest jewellery retailer.

We managed to grab a few minutes out of Colin’s very busy schedule to ask him a few questions; so without further ado let’s get to know the man behind The Jewellery Channel.

TJC: Why do you enjoy working with Jewellery and accessories?
Colin: Well I think they’re special because they make people smile and bring a lot of pleasure, jewellery can be bought as a gift for a loved one or bought for yourself to recognise an important occasion or achievement in your life. Jewellery and accessories can make us feel special, they are a talking point, and can simply update and uplift any outfit.

That’s why at the jewellery channel we say ‘make life sparkle’ because everything we sell is designed to bring a little or a lot of sparkle

TJC: How do you feel about social media, are you are Tweeter or a Facebooker?
Colin: Both are extraordinary in the way they connect the world. I’m a follower rather than a publisher and prefer Twitter – I love its brevity and admire those who can say so much in so few words.

TJC: What’s it like in a day in the life of Colin – well the weekend really?
Colin: I’m married to Rebecca (who loves jewellery of course); we have three children and a dog. A happy day is when all we do is take the dog for a walk and then have a roast dinner at home – I’ll cook but Rebecca does the gravy – I still can’t make gravy!

TJC: We’ve heard you have a new Labrador puppy at home. How old is she, what’s her name?
Colin: She is a Red Fox Labrador called Red she’s about 9 months old and chews everything – hopefully it’s just a phase she’s going through.

TJC: For a bit of fun, what was the last book you read?
Colin: Bring up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel – it’s about Thomas Cromwell – Henry VIII’s first minister and his dealings with the King the court and Anne Boleyn.

TJC: To finish up, any last words for us?
Colin: We have a fantastic team at TJC – great buyers who travel the world looking for jewellery and accessories that look amazing, can only be found at the Jewellery Channel and of course that represent fantastic value for money. Our presenters are amazing, each of them brings something special and unique. They have a real passion for the product and often help us choose which products to feature.

My team and I are so grateful to our fantastic customers and we think the best way to say thank you is to continue to offer great products at great value for money and to make the Jewellery Channel and our website the best and most enjoyable place to buy jewellery from.

11 thoughts on “Meet Colin, the new MD at TJC

  1. I purchased a half carat diamond band ring as my wedding ring in 2008. Paid £379 for it and it was valued 2 years ago £1,200 thank you tjc from Karen in Thurrock.

  2. I fall in love with the jewellery and buy lots of Fab things especially on the auction yesterday I buy pieces for members of my family especially at Christmas Love all the presenters especially Gemma thanks TJC for all my bargains will always be watching

  3. I notice that only the favourable comments are responded to. Perhaps this is why there is a failing in customer service, people who have experienced problems are not listened to.

    1. Good morning Yvette,

      Thanks very much for your comment – all are welcome. We try our best to respond to everyone. If you do have any problems you can always contact us via email on or call one of our Customer Care agents on 0844 375 2525, Option 3.

      Have a good day

  4. I would also like to add I do believe in charity,but according to the OECD in Paris they say India has more billionaires than China,so why are we donating money to India,when there are so many people there that are very very wealthy,would like a reply but I have not had me yet

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