Every shopaholics dream job

Maggie, personal shopperDid you know that The Jewellery Channel has a personal shopper service? Our team of personal shoppers will give you expert advice on everything from budget, to stones and everything in between. The best thing about having a personal shopper has definitely got to be getting rid of the stress, hassle and frustration.

So with no further ado, let’s meet Maggie! Shopper extraordinaire, bubbly and loads of fun, Maggie is a personal shopper at TJC. Interesting we hear you say.

We grabbed Maggie away from her desk to ask her about her job as a personal shopper:

Maggie, personal shopper

Smile and the world smiles with you. There’s always a cheerful buzz around Maggie’s desk, we asked why? “Well, I spend a good part of my chatting with shoppers on the phone as well as live chat on the website. I love to help our customers find that special piece and to make them happy.”

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. First off we wanted to know what her favourite gemstone was. Maggie’s answer was simple, “Diamonds diamonds diamonds, the most beautiful of all gemstones.”

So many choices and way too little time. Sticking with favourites, we asked Maggie if there was a particular TJC piece she loved. “TJC has so many items in so many different categories, it would be almost impossible to choose,” Maggie says with a chuckle. “However, when I first started at The Jewellery Channel, I fell in love with a purple sapphire necklace, but a lucky customer beat me to the finish line.”

Eek, Christmas is just around the corner! Maggie reminds us to use the personal shopper service if you are stuck for a gift idea. It’s easy, just give our gift gurus a ring –  Call them on 0844 375 2525 or email shopper@tjc.co.uk.

So there you go, that’s personal shopping and Maggie all rolled into one. Have you ever used a personal shopping service? How about asking Maggie a question in the comment box below.

Love TJC x


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