Meghan Markle And The Art Of Simplicity

Oh Meghan, Meghan, Meghan. How do thou manage to look that perfect all the time? Certainly, the latest member of the Royal family has us all wrapped around her fingers. Apart from us though, there is something more, something brighter and shinier, wrapped around her fingers that has caught a considerable amount of attention – her sophisticated rings. In fact, her perfectly simple and graceful taste in jewellery is amongst the leading topics constantly discussed across medias by fashion experts & gurus.

It is indeed impressive how she incorporates minimalism and effortlessness into accessorizing. Need inspiration to jewel-it-up like her? We got you covered, ladies. Here are 5 ways to nail minimalism like Meghan Markle – jewellery edition.

Go for simple but statement jewels

Meghan Markle
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Meghan seems to be a huge fan of understated ornaments. The simple, elegant and fabulously finished push back earrings that she wore on Commonwealth Day were paired with only her engagement ring; perfectly suiting her white ensemble and soft makeup. The simplicity of this look allowed her natural beauty to take centerstage. You can swap her engagement ring for a simpler solitaire ring or a sleek 9K yellow gold belcher bracelet too.

The key, here, is to not overdo. One doesn’t need to wear a ring, a necklace, earrings and some bracelets to complete a look. A subtle piece on the wrist paired with a dainty necklace or just a solitaire ring and a pair of solitaire earrings will do just fine. Let the jewels accompany you, not overpower you.

How about a signature metal finish?

According to husband Harry, Meghan is a huge fan of yellow gold. Given the numerous times this metal has accompanied her in various events, undoubtedly, it is her favourite. “Why do we need to know this?” you ask. Well, having a signature metal finish is a great way to create a very individualistic look that leaves a mark on people. It makes you stand out in the crowd and is the perfect way to maintain an accessorizing style that is unique to you.

Statement “circle of life” yellow gold and diamond ring

Don’t like yellow gold? Go for the one you prefer! And it doesn’t need to be a single metal either. Go for a blend of metals for a look that has more scope for creativity. The main motive is to develop an original style that suits you and looks elegant.

For example – if you love rose gold, don a pair of designer studs with a couple of stacking rings and there you have it – your own Meghan Markle approved signature metal look!

Let your signature style do the talking

Image credits: Meghan’smirror

Our Duchess really loves to wear stacker rings. She has been seen wearing some in almost all the events she has attended be it the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, her visit to Scotland or during her Vanity Fair cover shoot. Most importantly, she knows how to rock this fashionable style with utmost grace and delicacy.

New to stacker rings? Start with a slim, solid metal ring which are comfortable, easy-to-wear and snug. These can be easily paired with most styles of attires. If you are ready to be a little daring, opt for more noticeable diamond ring that causes a delicate yet attention-grabbing glitter-fest on your fingers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Markle may adore simplicity, but the girl ain’t afraid of being inventive with her adornments. Just look at these smartly paired mix-matched yellow gold earrings that she wore during her visit to Cardiff Castle back in January.

CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 18: Meghan Markle smiles during a visit Cardiff Castle with Prince Harry on January 18, 2018 in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImage)
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The talented beauty is also known to break sets and wear them individually for a statement look just like she did on her wedding day. Quite a bold and trend-setting move, we might add.

earring wed
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Bracelt wedding
Image credit: Roseanna Croft Jewellery

She was once spotted wearing a ravishing multi-finger leaf ring too, another astonishing example of her inimitable style.

Following this quirky style can do wonders for your look. However, mixing and matching requires ingenuity. Meghan and her stylists made sure that she wore stud earrings that looked similar or like they belonged to the same family. Similarly; while wearing broken sets, the other pieces of jewellery she wore were subtle and did not seem out-of-place making her look beautifully harmonious.

Try pairing a designer silver stud with an earring from another similar looking pair of sterling silver stud earrings, for instance. Go ahead! Have fun mixing and trying-on different pairs from your own collection before you wear a combination to an event. Remember, practice makes perfect.

The most important embellishment

Image credits: Meghan’smirror

So, you’ve unleashed your creativity and are now wearing the most magnificently elegant set of jewels. But then, how does one channel the Duchess of Sussex to perfection? The answer is very simple – with confidence. No matter how trendy or expensive the baubles you wear are, nothing shines as bright as your poise. It is this quality that makes one a true vision for spectators. So, go on! Flaunt your look with grace and a gorgeous smile, just like Meghan.

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