Men’s Jewellery – A Trend on Rise

If we’re talking about an industry that’s rising, it’s the men’s jewellery. Over the years, we have noticed that men have begun accessorising in clever strategic ways that speak their personalities. Not only limited to bracelets, but men’s jewellery trends have seen quite some inclusions. In this blog post, we’re going to talk all about the fabulous trends we’ve noticed!


Men’s Jewellery – An Untapped Treasure

We’re still to make the best of this untapped treasure trend. Jewellery and ornaments for men come in all varieties, displays, and styles; you just have to find the one that’s for you. You can have an entire ensemble readied up, but it’s all mismatched if you pick the wrong jewellery. But, don’t start worrying just yet! We are here to tell you about all the fantastic picks and how to wear them, pair them!



Mne's Jewellery at TJC - watches
EON 1962 3ATM Water Resistant Watch in with Interchangeable Dark Brown Colour Genuine Leather and Steel Strap

Among the top picked fashions that have been around forever is the styling of men’s watches. Available in a whole, celebrated variety, these ornaments are also the easiest and quickest to adorn. It’s also a trend that’s recognized and acknowledged by everyone! The allure of watches is their sophistication. Your choice of the watch can tell a lot about you. So, you need to not only get it right but also pair with the perfect attire.



Men's Jewellery at TJC - Bracelets
Royal Bali Collection Sterling Silver Borobudur Bracelet

Another noted and seen trend is of men’s bracelets. With masculine, minimal, and sleek designs, these beauties fit with all kinds of personalities. Choose a leather band, a steel band, or one tinged with tones of gold, the choices are several. One perfect suggestion is to pair the tone of your bracelet with the hue of your watch’s band. It brings uniformity and a general theme to your style. Bracelets now are a lot more than simple bands of neon colours. You can now bring about a heightened state of elite class just by putting on the right kind.



Mne's Jewellery at TJC - Chains
High Finish Diamond Cut 22 Inch Long Curb Chain in 9K Gold

Another on-trend pick of men’s jewellery has always been some simple chains. Worn since times immemorial, these beauties might have evolved in style and preference. Link chains have always maintained their high-end appeal in the boxes of fashion leaders. You can also pair up the chain with a simple pendant, but keep in mind the colours and tones. The collection of men’s chains is wide and celebrated, enriched with several noted and popular styles.

The best way of wearing a chain is keeping it simple. Just put it on over a plain white or black t-shirt. Minimalism is the best way to go about it.



Men's Jewellery at TJC - Rings
J Francis – Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver Men’s Ring

The simplicity of men’s rings is something that never really went out of fashion. That said, you need to be very clever in wearing one. Several fashion brands have focused their collections on men’s rings because of how wide and promising the market is. Be it simple metal band rings, or rings studded with gems, you can very easily find the style that speaks you in the best way.

Be it aesthetically pleasing ring or for more important milestones in life like wedding bands, every man adorns rings. So, it is important that you give your design some thought and planning. Ensure that the basic theme of your watch, bracelet, and the ring is the same.



Men's Jewellery at TJC - Pendants
Blue Diamond Cross Pendant With Chain

Another fantastic collection that’s a forever part of men’s jewellery is of pendants. Pair your chain with a small yet fantastic trinket and make new fashion. Among the bestselling picks are the cross pendants. Pairing style with faith, these rarely ever go wrong. But that said, you have to make sure that the design and texture of the pendant pairs well with the chain used. The pendant can also be a talisman for the things you believe in.

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