Modern or traditional: What type of bride are you?

When it comes to planning your wedding, one thing you need to ask yourself is are you traditional or modern? While you don't necessarily need to be entirely one or the other, having an idea of which style you are going for can help you make decisions about your big day. 

From what you wear to the type of venue you choose, knowing if you want a traditional vibe or modern edge can make all the difference to creating your perfect atmosphere.

So how can the two styles differ when it comes to your wedding?


Your traditional wedding venue is obviously a church, although a lot of people also view registry offices and stately homes as traditional too. This means you can create your chosen look without the religious overtones if you choose.

Nowadays, so long as a venue has a marriage licence you can get married absolutely anywhere. This opens up a lot of opportunities for you if you're after something a bit more out there. 

Even if your ideal ceremony location doesn't have a licence for weddings, you can still have a blessing performed there and make it official at a registry office.

Of course, you can also make more traditional venues a bit more modern. You can check with your church or stately home to see what decorations you can include, whether you can have guests sing a contemporary song instead of a hymn and what type of readings you can have. 

Sometimes these little touches can update your traditional ceremony while also making the day more personal.


We all know that typical wedding flowers mean bouquets and centrepieces, as well as other floral decorations throughout your venue and reception. This is still a really pretty option that can work for traditional or modern brides, especially if you want to keep things colourful but simple.

However, flowers are an expensive addition to your big day, which is why many brides are looking to cheaper alternatives. Things like paper or fabric flowers, bouquets made of buttons or brooches, and ribbons rather than colourful flowers are all popular choices.

Not only will these save you money – although they will mean more time to prepare – but they can also add a lovely modern touch to your day, even if you are spending it in a traditional setting. You could always use alternatives but have a real flower bouquet if you can't quite give up on tradition.

Bridal style

Typically the bride wears white on her wedding day, or at least ivory, which is a tradition that many people stick to even if they don't opt for a classic dress style. However, you don't have to wear a white gown to get married.

A lot of brides are now choosing to wear coloured dresses, whether going for an affordable option or sticking with a meringue gown. This can allow you to wear your own personal style on your big day even if you do want to wear a traditional design of wedding dress.

You can even add colour to your style if you are wearing a white dress; after all, you have things like makeup, hair colour, nails and shoes to play with to modernise your look.

Even brides that are going full-on traditional with their dress are turning towards more modern options in one department. Shoes are an important part of your big day as you want to be comfortable. However, they aren't seen much due to your dress, which is why many people are choosing to wear trainers or other flat shoes instead of more traditional heels.

This means you've got more chance of being able to dance the night away in comfort. You can also wear a pair of shoes that people view as being typically you, which again adds a personal touch.

The wedding ring

The most important piece of jewellery on your big day has to be the wedding ring. These are usually plain bands in either gold, white gold or platinum. This is a traditional look that has stayed popular because the rings are hardwearing, look good and are ideal for everyday wear.

However, you can modernise your ring for a more up-to-date look that represents you, your partner and your style. 

Many brides are now choosing to wear more sparkle by opting for a diamond wedding band. These can compliment your engagement ring and are ideal for sparkle lovers.

Rings like this Iliana 18CT White Gold 1/4 Carat Diamond Half Eternity Ring make for a lovely option that isn't too over-the-top so will work great as a wedding band. 

Of course, you don't need to go for diamonds or a simple design when it comes to your wedding ring. You can choose something as unusual as you like, so long as you like it and don't mind wearing it forever.

This 9Ct White Gold 1 Carat Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire and Diamond Floral Halo Ring may not look like a typical wedding ring, but it could be the perfect choice if you want to be a bit different with your selection.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether you want to go totally traditional or more modern, so long as your wedding day reflects you and your partner. You may even be surprised at how many aspects of the day go one way or another. Just have fun with it and do what you think feels right. 

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