#motd: Great makeup tips for spring

We all love a good makeup trend and this spring is bringing with it some great looks that we are dying to try out.

Whether you’re after a statement style, something soft for the day or simply want to shake up your makeup bag, there is a trend for everyone this season with the catwalk offering plenty of inspiration.

Now is the perfect time to start embracing spring fashions, so why not try out one of our favourite makeup looks? Here are some of the top makeup tips to try this season:

Go blue

Bold blue is the colour of choice for makeup this season, with designers like Giambattista Valli sending models down the runway with bright blue and sparkling eyes. This is a great look for day and night and can instantly add an edge to any outfit.

To get the look, try creating your winged liner out of glittery blue gel eyeliner. You can get a great effect with pencil or liquid varieties, allowing you to rock your go-to look with a difference.

You can also go for a subtle look by swapping your usual black mascara for a blue option, with baby and electric shades being the top choices.

Of course, you can also go more obvious with your blue makeup by being brave and wearing a royal blue lipstick. You might think this is a bit much, but matte blue lipstick is incredibly chic and works with most skin tones.

Fake it till you make it

Another big trend and one that is really easy to replicate is long lashes. Louis Vuitton was among the designers that chose to kit their models out with long and thick false lashes to make a statement rather than bright lips or graphic eyes.

You can easily tailor the type of lashes you want as there are so many fake options available. While they may take some practice when it comes to putting them on if you aren’t used to wearing them, they can instantly transform your eyes.

False lashes can be applied to both the top and bottom lash line, allowing you to really showcase your eyes or opt for a slightly more natural look.

Liquid metal

Probably one of our top makeup trends for spring has to be metallics, with Prada leading the way by painting metallic gold lips on their models to create a stunning futuristic look. While metallic clothing is also big for SS16, you can wear the makeup with most looks, allowing you to add a modern element to your outfit.

Why not be brave and opt for gold lips like Prada models or choose a cool shade of silver? You can also get liquid eyeliner in a range of metallic shades, which will allow you to create several different looks.

If you want to rock two trends at once, metallic blue lipstick could be just the thing but it isn’t for the faint of heart.

Gym skin

A really easy trend to wear this season that is straight from the catwalk is ‘gym skin’, which is a highlighted look that gives your skin a dewy glow. This can be used to create a natural look or teamed with another top trend for a more graphic style.

Use a golden highlighter to create a healthy-looking complexion by brushing it lightly in key areas, including over the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones and your chin. You can also increase the effect by using a light golden eyeshadow and subtly glossy lipstick.

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