Mother’s Day Special – 6 Amazing Gift Ideas

Aah! If only we celebrated mothers of all shapes and sizes every day. It certainly is something that these real-life Wonder-Women deserve. However, we cannot deny the fact that one feels extra responsible for their mum’s happiness on Mother’s Day. So, what are you planning to do on the 31st of March this year? Haven’t planned yet? Well, you’ll be ecstatic to know that you’ve landed on the right side of the internet! Woohoo!

Here are some brilliant ideas that will definitely make Mother’s Day extra special for your mamma!

Utilities To Make Her Tasks Quick & Easy


Reduce the time your mother spends in the kitchen with incredibly helpful equipment like instant pot, automatic cleaners, etc. Make sure that these are hassle-free and easy-to-use. Cleaners and mops like our Sweeping Machine with Adjustable High-Strength Stainless Steel Tube that comes with a spinning sweeping mechanism that is easy to operate with 360 degree steering and detachable handle are perfect for this purpose! Such utilities will not only make her daily chores easy-paesy but also unburden her shoulders at least a little.

Booking At A Spa

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We all know how hard our mothers work every day to ensure that we stay content. There’s simply no questioning the fact that they deserve at least a day of relaxation and rejuvenation! Wouldn’t it be amazing to get a booking for her at a spa for Mother’s Day? There’s not a single form of stress or body ache that can combat an amazing, professional massage session.

A Relaxing Bubble-Bath Made With Love

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Not a great spa in sight? Create one in the comfort of your home! A tub full of warm water, some soothing Epsom salt, some drops of your mom’s favourite essential oil or a bath-bomb, a handful of candles and her favourite music will easily kick any high-end spa to the curb! Go ahead and help her with a soothing face-pack to give your home-spa the perfect finishing touch. Post-bath, a relaxing massage (try our Battery Operated Vibrating Foot Massagers or 360 Degree 4D Roller Rotatory Balls Design Massager) would be pure magic. Ugh! We can’t wait to make one for our mammas now!

A Dinner-Date With Her Friends

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Warner Bros.

Mums stay so busy with all of their chores (don’t even get us started on working moms) that they simply don’t get much time to simply grab a drink with their friends or chat-up at a café . And if they do get time, they scrape out newer tasks to finish! Wouldn’t it be great if we create an opportunity for her to catch-up with her friends? So, go ahead and book a table for her and her gang where they can enjoy good food with a garnish of juicy gossips, nostalgia and lots of cocktails. Don’t hesitate to help her get ready for this dinner and look her best. Trust us! The radiance on her face would melt you into a puddle!

All-Women’s Road Trip

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MTV Films

Speaking of mates, there’s a lot more that you can do than a dinner date! We’re talking about an all-girls’ weekend trip! But this is something you might have to seriously convince your mom to go for. We suggest you involve her friends’ children and spouses in this plan. Such involvement would bring out better ideas and make it easier to convince all the mommas to take some time off and enjoy some self-love and relaxation. You can also motivate her to go for the trip with a travel-friendly gift or cute weekender bag from our handbag-collection that she would want to flaunt while holidaying.

Quick Tip – Live in or near London? We suggest you opt for East Head at West Wittering, Chichester – a paradisiacal beach that takes a 90 minute drive to reach. We’re already jealous!

Some Jewels For Your Diamond

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20th Century Fox

Jewellery is an easy option for presents and diamonds much more so. However, most women go through a dynamic change-of-choice after motherhood. Given how busy they are juggling home-chores, work, kids and more; they begin leaning towards everything that is easy-to-maintain, quick to wear, subtle and simple. Undoubtedly, minimalist jewels are perfect for them. Need to make a quick decision? Try going for zodiac-based jewellery. For starters, it’ll be much easier to decide which stone to get. Secondly, online-guides like some of our previous posts (Zodiac Jewellery Ideas, A guide to birthstones) can help you not only short-list jewellery finishes but also styles according to your mum’s sun-signs! How special would his gift be! “Mother & child” themed jewellery like our Mother Tortoise with Baby Chain Pendant in Two Tone Silver or Star Fish Chain Pendant in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver would be amazing as well!

Loved our suggestions? Then you will surely adore our exclusive Mother’s Day collection! So, go ahead and find the best gift for your mum and rest assured that she will sleep with her heart full that night!

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