Nail fungal treatment and my idea of nail care!

Like manicured hands? Here is my secret to healthy nails! Say no to pale, lifeless ones with this miraculous Mavamed Nail Fungal Treatment. Please continue reading to known about the product and my experience with the same:

Nail Fungal Treatment at TJC

I have been hosting the Mavala shows on TJC Style for a few years alongside Mavala’s fabulous expert Lynn. One of our constant best sellers in the Mavala range is the Mavamed nail fungal treatment. I have used this myself, when needed, over the last two years and it is a very effective treatment. After the winter when our feet have been cocooned in socks, tights, boots and shoes, it’s a very common problem. In fact, 1 in 4 people will suffer from fungal nail infection (Onychomycosis) during their lifetime, and many let them go untreated. This can be due to ignorance or embarrassment of going to ask for professional help. I had a recurring problem with my two big toes following losing the nails one winter, and I wanted to get them ready for painting in the summer.

Why Mavamed: 

Nail Fungal Treatment at TJC

  • I chose Mavamed nail fungal treatment because it’s so easy to use. It’s a class 1 medical device that you don’t need a prescription for that penetrates right down to the nail bed to kill 99.9% of fungus.
  • This phenomenal nail fungal treatment uses an innovative instant killer complex to stop the development of fungus in a matter of seconds. It is enriched with a vital ingredient, rarely found in other over the counter expensive treatments, is Urea which penetrates the nail allowing the ingredients to reach the nail bed where the infection is present.
  • Once in the nail bed, the high concentrate of tea tree oil (which inhibits the development of fungal threads) kills off the condition and very importantly prevents further spreading. This was what I was worried about happening to my other toes or even passing it on to my partner.
  • The other ingredients of lavender and eucalyptus oil restrict the fungal growth, and the lactic acid present in the formula reduces the pH levels on the nail plate.
  • Another reason I favour using the mavamed nail fungal treatment over other solutions that I’ve tried before (that were a lot more expensive) is the ease of use. All you need to do is to remove any nail varnish first then wash the nails clean. Once the nails are dry, there is no need to file the nail down, unlike other preparations. Just apply a coat to the infected nails morning and night. Its instant killer complex also means that you can safely use the brush to do all your nails without risk of cross-contamination.
Buy Mavamed Nail Fungal Treatment:
Nail Fungal Treatment at TJC
Well Balanced Concentrate Mavamed Nail Fungal Treatment

Mavala suggests using it for nine months or so depending on the extent of the infection. I really hope it sorts your nails out as well as it has done on my big toes! Do share your views and experience with this product, I would love to hear your story.

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