Nail it: Great manicures for summer

There’s nothing like a spot-on manicure to complete your look. It doesn’t matter if you’re on holiday lounging beside the pool, heading for work or planning a night out, the right manicure can leave you looking and feeling fierce.

While you probably have one or two go-to choices when it comes to doing your nails, the catwalk and celebs have created some great manicure trends for summer that you definitely need to try.

Here are our top choices if you want to get your nails done for SS16:

Futuristic metallics

You don’t need details and heavy texture to make a statement with your nails this season. Forget all the colours and embellishments and instead, opt for chrome-like shine for a statement futuristic effect.

Sheer chrome nails that look like liquid metal are becoming a big favourite for the season, with silver, gunmetal and gold being the favoured shades. The look works for long and short nails equally as well, especially if you use it over all your nails rather than just as an accent.

You can emphasise the look further by wearing simple metal rings without any gemstones. Choose plain thin bands or combine them with geometric shapes to create a chic and edgy look.

Updated French

A french manicure is a classic option for your nails. It looks clean and pretty and is a really versatile choice. However, this season is all about adding a bit more colour to your nails, which means many people are updating this look.

Rather than the typical white tips, choose something a bit brighter for spring and summer. You can use any shade to highlight your tips, which adds a more subtle touch than if you were to paint your whole nail.

You can even wear the metallic trend in this way, opting for shiny silver or gold tips.

Graphic stripes

You can make a feature of your natural nail this season too by going for graphic stripe detailing. Rather than adding black or white stripes to your nails on top of another colour, keep your nails bare and use the same striped design across all of them.

This will draw the eye to your manicure but still show off your natural nails, especially if you add a coat of clear polish for an extra touch of gloss.

Reverse French

Manicures don’t just have to show off the tips of your nails; the reverse French style sees the attention being drawn to the half moons of your nails.

This is done either by painting them in a colour and leaving the rest of your nail bare – resulting in a coloured semi-circle at the base of your nail – or painting the rest of your nail and leaving that part as negative space.

Either loo is really effective. You could even mix it up and combine both looks on one hand for a strong accent look.

Whatever manicure you go for, help to draw the eye to your nails even more by choosing the right statement rings. Check out TJC’s collection here

Image: iStock/Azaliya

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