Nature Dipped In Gold

This season we are all about drawing inspiration from good ole Mother Nature.

With summer now tantalisingly in reach, we have eagerly ditched our heavy coats and black boots and swapped these winter items for a more colourful and lightweight wardrobe, shifting the focal point of our ensembles to our accessories.

In light of the warmer weather we have switched up our style by introducing blue huesfresh whites and tropical coloured gems into our wardrobe, but now it’s time to display the change in nature with Living Gold jewellery!

As we all know, nature flourishes from spring right through to summer, and now it’s time to reflect the changes in season not only in our fashion choices but also in our jewellery. Fashion and jewellery designers alike have always taken inspiration form their surroundings, whether it be; earth’s treasures, animals, even urban settings, so it’s no surprise this naturalistic trend has appeared and taken centre stage in a lot in designer collections and let us tell you, Mother Nature has never looked more exotic!

This summer make your basic white tee stand out with a beautiful large birch leaf pendant dipped in iridescent copper or turn the drama down a notch with a streamline Evergreen leaf dipped in 24k Gold.

For summer evenings out make a statement by matching your pendant with matching earrings, this will surley show off your true hippy chic, but will not overpower your outfit, and instead add elegant shimmers of gold tones.

This jewellery trend can easily be worked  into your wardrobe and will look great if you have been rocking 70’s style. Team TJC’s leaf and floral motifs with flared jeans and whimsical tunics for an ultimate 70’s groove, and don’t forget fabulous beachy hair to pull a real 70’s inspired look all together!

No matter what your style is, work Living Gold into your wardrobe for a naturally – Check out our brand new collection and incorporate this trend into your every day ensembles.

Never forget, with TJC you always have more choice, you don’t always have to incorporate naturalistic style into your wardrobe, capture this trend in your home with a  real red rose dipped in 24K gold and forever encapsulate the beauty of Mother Nature.

So, how will you be incorporating nature dipped in gold into you summer jewellery box?

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