All you need to be Halloween Ready

Alright then! It is that time of the year when soon enough the pumpkins will be carved, children will be out for trick-or-treating and adults will be dressed in scary outfits.

Halloween in modern times is all about getting the costumes right and none of us is ready to leave any stone unturned to ensure we make an impact. And in this race to perfection and uniqueness, we often end up using excessive makeup or chemical laden paints on our faces which are nothing less than a disaster for our sensitive skin.

To make this task easy, we are listing down some essential skin and hair care tips for you to enjoy the max you can without worrying about the aftermath of too much indulgence.

Lips are generally forgotten in skin care but you need more hydration than usual when you are deciding to go all artistic on your face, we suggest adding a layer of Alicia Douvall’s Argan-oil Multi Balm first as it provides a protective barrier that locks in moisture for soft lips.

The perfect primer for face and body, this Alicia Douvall Argan-Oil Moisturiser is light weight, non-greasy and fast absorbing moisturiser. It contains highest Organic ingredients which hydrate and moisturises skin, we suggest you apply a base layer with this for extreme protection.

Eyes can cast all the magic in an instant so if you get the eye makeup right, you may not need to paint your face. For a glamorous look, we suggest the Eyecare Cosmetics Set containing Jumbo Waterproof Eyeshadow that improves the tone and elasticity of the delicate eyelids and a Felt Pen Eyeliner that will hold up to 12 hours.

Getting rid of the makeup properly is the most crucial aspect which many times we overlook. But you don’t have to worry the Astalift Complete Make-Up Remover Oil will do the job for you. It will deeply cleanse the skin of any impurities and leave you with a refreshed complexion.

Now before you go to bed, you need an intensive facial massage that will nourish, hydrate and liven up dull and lifeless skin in an instant. The application of Just Herbs Aloevera Facial Massage Gel along with the Gotukola-Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir will restore the natural glow of your skin.

It is easy to pull off all the makeup and the crazy costumes but what is difficult is looking your best the next day, which is why we have the perfect solution to make sure you look as glamorous as ever, check out the Skin Doctors Instant Facelift for an everyday cosmeceutical treatment.

So, you have enough time on hand to gather these products before you go all out this year with a perfect costume and makeup on Halloween. Go, make a statement and don’t forget to post your pictures in comments or on our FB wall.

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