New Beauty at TJC – ASTALIFT

New Beauty has landed at TJC  and we just know you can’t wait to update your collection with effective products that really work for your skin.

If your New Year resolution was to keep a skin care routine, or explore new brands throughout 2016, TJC have you covered this month with a new brand – ASTALIFT!

Astalift is an award winning brand used by many celebrities across the world including British supermodel, Erin O’connor!

Created by FUJIFILM, ASTALIFT is an award-winning brand that offers carefully-researched skincare and supplement products with proven efficacy.  Although an intriguing pairing, FUJIFILM’s ASTALIFT focuses on making it easy to achieve photogenic beauty.

Collagen is the main ingredient for photographic film and photogenic skin. As a result, Fujifilm has spent nearly 80 years researching collagen, harnessing its benefits and applying it to cosmetics and supplements.

Many may not know that Oxidation is the leading cause of freckles and skin ageing, and also colour fading in photographs. FUJIFILM has since focused on advancing its understanding of the process of Anti-Oxidation technology resulting in award-winning anti-ageing products.

So, what does ASTALIFT stand for?

ASTALIFT is a meaningful skincare brand that promises the renewal of skin. ASTA in Japanese means tomorrow while LIFT refers to the uplifting of one’s inner emotions as beauty shines through.

What problems can ASTALIFT fight against?

This skincare range new to TJC can help tackle the signs of ageing.

What’s different about ASTALIFT, compared to other skincare products?

ASTALIFT products are formulated with 3 types of collagen of different sizes, which hydrates the skins surface and effectively permeates deep into the deeper layers of the skin. The 3 types of collagen act together to moisturise, enhance the skins suppleness and enhances already existing collagen deep inside the skin.

How effective is ASTALIFT?

With continues use customers can enjoy the effects of healthy, youthful looking skin and a glowing complexion. Customers can even see an improvement in 4-8 weeks.

Who should use ASTALIFT?

It’s recommended for anyone concerned with the signs of ageing.


Love the sound of this effective brand? Tune into our show on this Tuesday 2nd February from 8-10pm and discover the amazing new products available on TV & online at TJC!

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