NEW Dead Sea Spa Magik: Flawless Facial Ritual

Dead Sea Spa Magik is back on TJC with a second instalment! Hydrate, repair and soothe your body, mind and soul with Spa Magik’s brand new beauty box – Flawless Facial Ritual. Tune into TJC tomorrow at 8pm for another treat from Dead Sea Spa Magik with a TJC bonus!

For a lot of us it’s difficult to keep our mineral and vitamin levels at the correct balance due to the stressful and sometimes hectic lives we lead. Using Minerals from the Dead Sea and incorporating them into our everyday regimes enable the body to function correctly, bringing our inner health back into balance to help us feel healthy and happy.

Dead Sea Spa prides itself on giving the public a natural healing experience through authentic spa minerals straight from the Dead Sea. The 7 minerals that can be found in their products are; Magnesium the anti-stress mineral, Potassium & Sodium– purifying and hydrating minerals, Bromide which is perfect for relaxing, Sulphur best known for its healing properties, Iodine – perfect for detoxifying and Calcium the anti-ageing mineral.

Additionally, the Flawless Facial Ritual products are also blended with 10 plant extracts: Matricaria Flower Extract, Sage Leaf Extract, Yarrow Extract, Restharrow Root Extract, Coltsfoot Leaf Extract, Lemon Balm Leaf Extract, Wild Thyme, Horsetail, Rosemary and Marshmallow leaf Extract. These extracts are perfect for healing, soothing and revitalising your skin and gentle to be used on the face.

Here at TJC we know how important it is for you to look and feel amazing. With this new box from Dead Sea Spa, this can be made a luxurious reality. Enjoy a perfect pampering session with products specially crafted for your face. The Flawless Facial Ritual box contains:

New Pro Cleanser 250ml – A silky cream that can be used with or without water to deeply cleanse, refresh and rehydrate the skin. A perfect cleanser for those who have sensitive skin and want to prevent ageing.
New Pro Toner 250ml – Ideal for all skin types, this toner deeply hydrates and softens the skin, removing all traces of impurities and promoting cell regeneration. This new product is made with Camomile, Lemon Balm Leaf and Rosemary extracts to create a gentle and refreshing lotion that can even be used as an aftershave to soothe razor burn.
Rich Moisturiser 50 ml – A rich nourishing moisturiser which helps rehydrate all skin types
Algimud Active Seaweed Mask 25g – A delicate blend of mud, salt and minerals made into a detoxifying peel off facial mask which dramatically improves your skin texture, leaving it soft, refreshed and youthful.

Experience home spa treatment products that will alleviate even the most troublesome of skin conditions and give you a taste of pure spa relaxation. Enjoy this Spa regime in 5 easy steps:
1)      Gently massage Spa Magik Cleanser over your face, paying particular attention to your T-zone area (nose, forehead and chin)

2)      To balance your skins PH level and promote a hydrated complexion spray Spa Magik Toner directly to your face and neck. This product can be used to refresh your face throughout the day.
3)      Apply the Spa Magik Algimud Mask to a dry face and neck, relax and leave on for the required time.
4)      Once the mask is set, peel off to reveal toned, fresh and healthy skin
5)     Lastly, apply a light coating of Spa Magik Rich Moisturiser to the face and neck to nourish and protect your skin.

TJC Bonus?
In addition to such a fabulous box, TJC are also offering you 2 bonus products from Dead Sea Spa Perfect Pamper Ritual when you order the new Spa Magik Flawless Facial Ritual box! – 2 x Hair Magik Serum and Mineral Shampoo Sachet 25ml which soothes an irritated scalp, revitalises damaged hair and normalises oil and moisture balance.  Contains vitamin B5 for extra shine and conditioning.

If you didn’t manage to get your hands on the last box, don’t miss out again as this is sure to be another TJC best seller! Tune into TJC on TV or online to ensure you don’t miss out on these fabulous products with a TJC exclusive bonus!

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