New Handbag Heroes

On the hunt for some new arm candy, perfect for carrying on your travels throughout the summer season?

Our handbag buyer, Yi, has been busy scouring the catwalks, and travelling to across the globe to find the perfect materials to create a new handbag collection with a twist!

Designer Influence
New Handbag Heroes
New Handbag Heroes

At TJC, we know our customers have a penchant for the finer things in life, and this knowledge is reflected in every collection we feature on air and online.

But, now is the time to explore our new handbag collection.

Find the perfect cross-body bag, tote bag, bowler bags and designer inspired handbags featuring luxurious elements such as; bamboo inspired by Gucci, gold hardware inspired by the ever popular Chloe handbags and circular embossed designs seen across the catwalks, now available at TJC for less!

Yuan Fen Collection
Handbag Heroes
Handbag Heroes

One special collection, that has been the latest to hit the TJC virtual shelves, has been the Yuan Fen collection.

Yuan Fen is a special phrase used in China to explain a relationship by fate or destiny.

The complex concept draws on principles of predetermination in Chinese culture, explaining why we enter different types of relationships at different times in our life.

Whenever we just met someone and felt connected, the Chinese will say that both of you share a strong “Yuan Fen“.

Being Chinese, Yi, really connected with this cultural belief and crafted a collection and created a luxurious collection of bags that oozed style, class and timeless elegance.

Discover a bag you love and ensure it’s on your shoulder next time you embrace a new relationship!





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