New to TJC: Uruguayan Amethyst

Uruguay is the second smallest South American country situated between Argentina and Brazil, and while Brazil is one of the main producer of Amethyst,  Uruguay is the source of some of the finest amethyst gems on the market today!

The history of Amethyst. Amethyst’s existence has been known since ancient times. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians used amethysts in jewellry and household products . Amethyst has been a symbol of purity and royalty used in jewelry for hundreds of years. Amethyst has even played an important role in religion, as the stone in Christian bishops’ rings and in rosaries whcih is why Amethsyts are often said to be ‘Bishops Grade’.

A form of sobriety. Amethyst gets its name from the Greek words amethystos or amethustos, meaning “not drunken,” because of the ancient belief that drinking wine from an amethyst cup–or, unfortunately, grinding amethyst into powder and adding it to wine–would help maintain sobriety.

Why is Uruguayan Amethyst Special?  Uruguayan Amethyst is admired and adored for it’s splendid and vivid hues and colour variations including  fiery flashes of red, which can be seen throughout the stone. The stones have an incredible rich lustre that glows, really shwoing off it magnificent purple hues.

What’s different? Unlike amethysts from so many other parts of the world, no heat is needed to bring out the intensely rich violet hues of this gem, making Urugauyan Amethyst highly sought after!

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