New Year, New Start

Well, 2021 has started with a bit of a whimper really what with another lockdown and cold, wet days looming.  However, we can take charge of giving our bodies and minds the best fighting chance to prepare ourselves for better times to come!  Here at TJC Style we have a whole host of products to help you get on the right track from supplements to massagers, pain relief to hair and skin care.

If you are looking for supplements with a variety of various supports you can choose from Vitamin B patches, or tablets for your bones, beauty, hyaluronic acid and also superfood supplements.  Everyone has different needs but start with a couple and see how you get on with them because you can always add others into your regime.

Some people maybe suffering from aches and pains which perhaps you’d normally get fixed by professionals in their clinics, but at present that may not be possible with lots of places closed.  There are other effective ways of targeting pain relief which can be used alongside professional help.  One that I personally really like for specific areas of pain is the Paingone Pen. It works on the TENS system of emitting electrical impulses for fast, short term pain relief and is totally portable too.  I swear by this when I have a nagging pain and always have mine to hand. We also offer various CBD products either in patch form or oil.  These are both very effective to ease stress and some aches and pains, and are totally natural.  Which method you choose is down to personal preference.  The patches offer a slow release of CBD over a 24 hour period but can also be used alongside a few drops of the peppermint flavoured oil for extra impact. Both are useful if you are anxious, suffering from stress or undergoing a busy phase in your life too.

If you are on a mission to get fitter and would like to consider some simple and not bulky equipment and aids take a look at our section on the web for fitness equipment. We currently stock a variety of things from simple Therabands for easy resistance that are often used by physiotherapists to balance boards, hand grips and ab machines. The beauty of having these at home is that if you are working out by yourself you may feel less self-conscious than you do at a gym.  Also, you are saving on potentially expensive memberships and you can grab a few minutes here and there to work out when it suits you.  Also, of course, other members of the household can get involved too!

If you are starting to work out even if it’s only a walk or short cycle your body may be glad of a massage afterwards. We stock a strong, effective physio gun style massager, which believe me is amazing, or gentler neck massagers for a more stress relieving result.  These also make nice gifts to someone who you know could do with some down time!

Finally, we have a whole range of electrical beauty tools for hair, skin and teeth.  Maybe you are wanting to restyle your hair with one of our amazing straighteners whilst treating it to the Douvall’s range of shampoo and conditioner enriched with argan oil which I use myself on my fine, hard to control hair.  Or perhaps you’ve been wanting to brighten and whiten your teeth with the fabulous Opatra Teeth Whitening system which my boyfriend thinks is incredibly good.  Opatra also specialise in sonic toothbrushes and flossers too which we stock.  If you’ve never used a sonic toothbrush, try one and you’ll never go back to a manual brush again! Last but not least don’t forget all TJC’s amazing skin care devices from manual gemstone rollers to the advanced professional range of Opatra products.  You’ll have to watch out for when the Opatra products are scheduled to air because they are only sold when being presented.  My favourites are the Dermi neck and the Dermisonic but I do use others in the range too.

I really hope that this blog has given you an insight into some of the ways you can get your 2021 off to a positive start with your wellbeing in mind and let us know your results !

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