No Flowers – It has to be Chocolates or Diamonds

Dearest TJC Ladies – I have had no Dear Johns relating to my unbearable predicament of diamonds or flowers and have thus decided to venture down the route of chocolates. Now, at first glance, this would seem to be simple as in Simon as chocolates are cheery, charming and less forthcoming than Tulips or Topaz. They remain subtle forget me not’s without the plethora of I do’s or don’ts, a nicety beyond newly tiled floors.

But, and here in lies the rub, if I were to maintain that this particular fond memory presided at the forefront of my interests, is there a disclaimer stating that a simple solitaire without the price tag would dissuade any further engagements. I think not. So for now – I will embark on a road paved with the glistening four C’s, and tempt the temptress into a happily ever after. Say yay or nay, but please do say.

Signing Out
Simple Sam

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