One for the Guys

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone knows that the boys are the hardest to buy for, which is why we’ve got everything that will make their Christmas a great one, and you the best present giver in the festive season!

Picture perfect
Some guys love to groom themselves while others may prefer the rugged look, which is why this great quality Teeno razor will be the perfect gift, and a gentle nudge to smooth hairless skin 😉

Dead Sea Spa Magik is also an alternative gift for men who love to indulge in spa treatments, without the fuss of actually going to a spa!

For Work
Men in your life may love to look and feel great, but a gift that will undoubtedly be needed in a man’s life is a fashionable yet practical tie, great for personal occasions yet more practical ones.

Much like ties, cufflinks, are another necessity in a man’s wardrobe which may not be worn every day, but will come in handy for a job interview or an occasion were smart dress in required, so pick a style perfect for him.

Things for Everyday
Wallets may be an overdone present, but it’s an accessory that a man will want to update, whether his current one is in tatters or his style simply needs a revamp, wallets are great gifts.

Many of you would love to gift jewellery to important men in your life, but just don’t know what to get or if they’ll like a particular item, which is where a TJC Gift Card comes in handy. Let him pick his ideal gift, on you!

Something he’ll remember forever
Watches are a popular gift option and an accessory that’s very on trend at the moment, being a hot  styling option for fashion’s new stacking duo, this trend can be transferred perfectly into men’s style. To make it even more personal, get the watch engraved with a special message!

You can even, give a personalised gift this coming sparkly season with complimentary accessories like pens which can be personalised and engraved with a name, phrase or saying, for the special person you have in mind.

Remember there’s only 11 Saturday’s left until Christmas, so start tackling your lists early to avoid the festive hustle and bustle. What will you be getting?

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