The one and only Vicki Browne returns to TJC!

Hello sparkle-lovers!

It may have been a little while, but we have a VERY exciting update on the fabulous Queen of Sparkle, Vicki Browne!

As you may know, Vicki has not been very well recently. She may have faced a dizzying array of challenges over the last 12 months, but that’s never stopped her smiling. Despite having been through major operations and some pretty intensive treatment, our Queen of Sparkle’s unfathomed positivity has been an inspiration to us all.

So, without further adieu,  we’re over the moon to announce that in the new year Vicki will be returning to your screens – with her first show back at TJC on Wednesday January 14th, at 2pm!

Derek popped over to ask her all about her progress and her big return. You can listen to the interview by clicking here. But for now, welcome back Vicki! Our Queen of Sparkle has been missed! xxxx


16 thoughts on “The one and only Vicki Browne returns to TJC!

  1. Just listened to the interview and I wish you well Vicky, 7 years ago now I had breast cancer, I know it is very different to your one, but the treatment can be very hard and I found I was very tired by it so well done and I look forward to seeing you on our screens very soon x x

  2. So pleased to hear that you are returning. Brave and beautiful lady. What those viewing figures soar next week. Lots of love xxx
    Jean of Canterbury

  3. I just listened to the interview, it was very lovely to hear vicki’s voice again.
    She has been soley missed, she is a beautiful very brave lady,..
    I have thought of here. Dry often through her courageous battle, and admire her so much.
    Lots of love to you Vicki, and your son, wishing you all the best in the future……Much love, and respect…
    Venessa Stanton
    ………xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Godbless you ……..

  4. my stepdaughter passed away from the same type of cancer, she didn’t get the chance to get as far along as chemo. Well done and good luck with the awareness. That doctor is a marvel it is amazing to hear you talk about the operation and it will help anyone going through the same thing in the future. Best of luck with your comeback I will be watching and buying, Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I am so delighted that Vicky is returing, I wish her many years of health & happiness. She gives me a little glow inside when I watch her


  6. Welcome back Vicky – my daughter had a cancer which caught the base of her brain when she was 3….she’s 30 now thanks to the amazing team at St Bartholomews hospital…I joined the club with high grade breast cancer 3 years ago….what a star you are, we know how tough it is without standing in front of cameras…xXx

  7. What a wonderful lady! Brave, inspirational & so positive, I also listened to the radio interview Vicky did with Derek & watched her year on Facebook, Vicky, you look incredible for all you’ve been through, so beautiful with or without hair, My prayers & best wishes for a complete recovery. It’s great to see you back on TJC. I will be making a donation to The Brain Tumour Charity today. Lots of Love.

    Janet Hamilton,

  8. Just listened to your interview with Derek Marks – Vicki, you are really inspirational and it’s incredible to hear how you make light of such a gruelling time. You would probably deny it, but everyone else knows for certain that you are one tremendously brave lady, and deserve all that’s wonderful, not only in 2015 but for always. Sincerely wishing you good luck, health and happiness – and of course maximum of sparkle! – in the future.

  9. By the way, I forgot to mention that I agree with Janet Hamilton (above) – I saw you on TJC the other day and you look absolutely beautiful, a real glow about you.

  10. Vicki, you may remember I met you the day before your op, we were on the same table attending a course! I was doing some channel hopping and you are on, I’m delighted that you are (excuse the phrase) alive and kicking…

  11. Hi Vicki. Just listened to your interview and you are one brave lady!! So lovely to see you again – I was a bit late catching up. I had cancer treatment years ago but nothing like you went through. Since then I have been on my local Cancer Research UK committee at Witham in Essex helping to raise funds. Wishing you a complete recovery, you lovely lady.

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