Opals for October: How to wear this month’s birthstone

October has one of the most beautiful gems as its birthstone, offering some really versatile and stunning looks. Opal isn't just a perfect choice for those lucky enough to have their birthdays this month, it is a great all-rounder when it comes to stunning jewellery.

Just like diamonds, opals can be worn with practically anything, allowing you to add a touch of luxury to everyday styles as well as evening ensembles. There are also different styles of opals available, meaning you're able to find the perfect stone to suit your individual taste.

So what are the best ways to wear opals this month and all year round?

Sparkling Silver

The most recognisable form of opal is arguably white opal, which has a beautiful iridescent sheen. It results in little rainbows of different coloured light as you move, with small flecks in the stone making it more interesting than other forms of white stone.

This type of opal creates a clean and glittering look that can be furthered more by wearing the stones with silver or white gold. 

These pale metals allow the rainbows to really stand out and make a statement of even small pieces of jewellery no matter what light you're wearing them in. You can even add another stone, such as diamonds, to make your look even more interesting.

For a stunning statement piece of jewellery that makes the most of the natural beauty of white opals, try something like this Ethiopian Welo Opal Diamond RingWelo Opal Diamond Ring. It will sparkle and shine as you move your hands and help to elevate even understated outfits.  

Glittering Gold

While silver helps to create a cold, glittering look, yellow gold can warm up the appearance of opals. Teaming the stones with yellow or rose gold creates a slightly pink gem that is ideal for a luxury look this winter.

Even subtle pieces – like this 9K Yellow Gold Ethiopian Welo Opal Solitaire PendantWelo Opal Solitaire Pendant – can  create a really beautiful look that is still as sparkly and gorgeous as white gold and opals. With colours like dark green and plum being on-trend this season, gold is a great choice as it provides a contrast to these cooler shades.

Pretty in Pink

Of course, you can also get some more unusual colours when it comes to opals, meaning you can find jewellery that is totally your style. Pink opal is a popular choice, which works well alongside yellow or white gold, depending on the overall look you are going for.

While you don't get the full rainbow effect with this shade of the stone, it still contains flecks that reflect light and give it a gorgeous rosy glow that is sure to draw the eye and serve as a statement piece.

If this sounds right for you, give our Peruvian Pink Opal Solitaire Ring a try.

Bold Blue

Another beautiful option if you prefer the cooler side of the colour spectrum is blue, which you can also get opals in. This is another slightly iridescent option that still contains a rainbow touch – although it isn't as bright as white opal.

With cool glitter being a big part of AW15, working with your classic little black dress as well as grey, silver and indigo shades, this style of opal is definitely a winner right now.

Add a statement touch to your wardrobe with these beautiful Peruvian Blue Opal and Tanzanite Earrings to totally rock this trend. 

Find your perfect piece of opal jewellery at the right price with TJC this autumn.

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