My opinion on Mavala Polka Dot Nail Set

Here at TJC Style, we are very proud of our association with Mavala, and I love presenting the shows particularly with their guest expert Lynn. Out of all the lovely products in the range, I have a soft spot for their iconic polka-dot nail set, offered with multiple products that your nails will fall in love with almost immediately. Continue to read to know about this exclusive kit and my experience with the same:

Mavala nail set at TJC

They are based in Geneva, Switzerland and were founded in 1958 so they come to TJC viewers with over 60 years’ experience in natural nail care. They are world leaders in this field, and their philosophy is the care and then beauty. They have won many awards over the years, and there are very few nail companies who have lasted this long. This is a testament to their exceptional Swiss quality.

Therefore, you won’t be surprised to learn that I have purchased this Polka Dot kit many times for friend’s birthdays as well as for myself. Being on TV, I have to take care of my hands and nails, but I am very fussy about what I use. I am allergic to anything with artificial fragrance in so hand creams etc. need to be kind but effective for my skin. I have been so glad that I had a kit available when we went into lockdown so that I could keep my hands and nails at their best when a visit to a nail salon isn’t possible!

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Mavala nail set at TJC
Mavala: Polka-Dot Nail Set (With Free Glam Style Bauble)

The kit includes:

The kit comes presented in a lovely Mavala red and white polka dot bag. I keep all the bits I need for a manicure in this, but I have taken the hand cream out to use more often.

  • Firstly, the Nail Polish Remover is a mild formulation, so it is kind to the nails – remember their motto, care before beauty. It quickly removes all nail polish in a simple stroke.
  • The next product to use when doing a manicure is the Mavala Base Coat 002. Nail polish readily contains pigments that can stain and cause yellowing of the nails, so it’s essential to use a base coat first. Its formula isolates the nail plate to make sure that the pigments in the nail polish don’t come into contact with the nail. It has a slightly “sticky” feel which allows your nail colour to adhere to it and therefore last longer.
  • After this, you can put one of your favourite Mavala colours on and then it’s onto the Colour Fix Top Coat.  The topcoat is clear and reinforced with acryl which forms a glossy, hard but flexible film which fixes the nail polish and prevents chipping. A good tip that Lynn gave me on the show was to put it underneath the nail tip too where polish is most likely to chip, and then this should extend the life of your manicure. After a couple of days apply another coat to freshen up the look!
  • You also get a bottle of Mava Dry in the kit. I think most of us have very little time to wait for our polish to dry and this is a very welcome addition! Apply it over the entire nail, and in one minute the polish will be touch dry and glossy. Don’t forget to use it on your toes too!
  • Once your nails are looking fabulous and well cared for, don’t leave your hands out. The Hand Cream from Mavala is fantastic. Actually, I use mine every day, and it’s a go-to product for me all year round. I love it because it’s mainly for dry and damaged hands. It blends marine collagen, which is very moisturising, with allantoin, which is known for its soothing properties. However, it has a light texture that penetrates and hydrates without leaving a sticky residue.

Give this kit a go, remember there’s 60 years’ experience behind these products, and if you know someone who is stuck at home too who would benefit from some TLC it will make a lovely gift.

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