Web Exclusive – Deal of the Day – Charm Bracelet

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No Flowers – It has to be Chocolates or Diamonds

Dearest TJC Ladies – I have had no Dear Johns relating to my unbearable predicament of diamonds or flowers and have thus decided to venture down the route of chocolates. Now, at first glance, this would seem to be simple as in Simon as chocolates are cheery, charming and less forthcoming than Tulips or Topaz.

Flowers or Diamonds – What’s the Protocol?

Let’s say…hypothetically of course, I am a chizzled featured gentleman who has just come out of the doldrums of singledom in my late thirties, and am faced with the most difficult question known to man. Flowers or diamonds? So I like her…a lot…but we have only been dating for a short while, diamonds would seem

Happy Halloween!

£1 auctions, begin Wednesday 2nd November…

Web Exclusive – Deal of the Day – Zambian Emerald Ring

Introducing a new format for TJC as we enter the Christmas period, an online exclusive – Deal of the Day. We’ve got some great treats for you over the coming days and weeks, if you haven’t done so already sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date with the latest promotions and

Welcome to the The Jewellery Channel Blog!

Welcome to TJC’s new blog, here we will showcase all out latest promotions, collections and give you an inside view on upcoming Jewellery trends, buyers picks and an inside view of the world of TJC. We hope you find this blog informative and fun, we want you to help us shape the direction of this