Pantone – Spring 2013

Have you ever wondered where next years fashion colours and jewellery designs come from? Well every year Pantone (our one-stop shop when it comes to colour authority and synonymous with all things colour) release a colour palette. So stay tuned and carry on reading to find out what’s hot and what’s not and most important, what’s going to be smoking hot.

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So what’s on the radar this coming Spring? In the Spring/Summer 2013 palette we embark on peaceful serene shades that leave us feeling balanced. Even as the hues turn a little darker, we are still left with a feeling of spiritual enlightenment and exciting adventure. We’ve got Tender Shoots, Lemon Zest, Linen, Poppy Red, Nectarine, Monaco Blue, African Violet, Grayed Jade, Emerald, and lastly Dusk Blue.

Tender Shoots (14-0446), of peridot that is. This colour is just sublime and oozes energy and life. Shining bright, its wonderful at night and sets off your LBD beautifully.

Peridot pendant Peridot ring Peridot earrings

Gloriously yellow, Lemon Zest (13-0756). Summer just springs to mind, doesn’t it? Canary yellow tourmaline is a perfect fit and radiates cheerful optimism.

Tourmaline pendant Tourmaline earrings Tourmaline ring

Beautiful blushing morganite, a super fit with Linen (12-1008). Morganite is said to help bring love into ones life – time for a spring fling?

Morganite Earring Morganite Ring Morganite Pendant

Red features this coming Spring, but it’s not a bright garish reds. It’s the more subtle Poppy Red (17-1664) that drops its pretty petals this Spring. The fire opal has the same kind of muted hue. The orangy red gemstone conjures up Aztec adventures and Mayan mysteries – a little Indiana Jones don’t you think?

Fire opal pendant Fire opal bracelet Fire opal earrings

Energy infused, sophisticated and vibrant describes Madeira citrine perfectly. A fantastic choice if you need a little warming up (especially in chilly January). By virtue, Pantone’s choice Nectarine (16-1360) is a first class pairing with Madeira citrine.

Madeira citrine ring Madeira citrine pendant Madeira citrine earrings

Monaco Blue (19-3964) we love this colour. It’s comforting, grounding and more importantly flattering. Pair it up with beautiful blue sapphires to add just a small touch of sparkle to your blue ensemble.

Sapphire earrings Sapphire bracelet Sapphire ring

A subdued shade of purple, African Violet (16-3520) has a lilac feel to it. Close your eyes and can almost smell the lavender fields in Provence. African Violet and TJC amethyst are a match made in heaven.

Amethyst ring Amethyst Earrings Amethyst ring

The beautiful pastel hues of Grayed Jade (14-6011) channels dreamy summer days, fresh cut grass (can you smell it)! Well the best coupling here has to be green jade, fresh, bright and summery all in one gemstone – practically perfect in every way.

Jade ring Jade bracelet Jade pendant

Emerald (17-5641) is the colour of the year for 2013 – so it’s a biggie! Energising, radiant, and lush it conjures up grandeur, opulence and royalty. Well there’s really no competition here, emerald gemstones and Pantone’s Emerald (17-5641) come together in perfect harmony.

Emerald pendant Emerald ring Emerald earrings

Translucency, power and light best describes Pantone’s Dusk Blue (16-4120). It’s all about fairytales, fresh cleansing rain and the ocean. Wonderful turquoise blue apatite is a great complementary colour.

Apatite Earrings Apatite ring Apatite pendant

So there you have it, Spring 2013 Pantone colours. You’re now in the know, so should be all prepared for what colours to wear as the weather warms up. Remember there are no hard and fast rules, so you change it up a little and through in a bit of your own style.

What colour is your favourite? Are you already ahead of the game? Let us know in the reply box below.

Love TJC xx

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