Pretty Paraiba Tourmaline is back!

Paraiba Tourmaline is back at TJC and we can’t wait for you to discover your new and perfect piece, but first, how much do you actually know about this beautiful gem?

Paraiba Tourmalines are a very magnificent gemstone, and although quite new to the gemstone world, they are exceptionally rare, showcasing colours that can range from a bright neon swimming pool blue to a deep Turquoise blue… dreamy we know!

Because of its incredible colour, this gem is often referred to as the ‘peacock gem’ as it brilliantly showcases immaculate colour trances we just can’t get enough of. And depending on its dramatic, awe-inspiring hue, Paraiba Tourmalines can fetch ridiculous prices, comparable to beautiful gemstones like Tanzanite and even Emeralds.

The name of this magical gem is derived from the Paraiba State in Brazil where this gem was originally sourced in 1989 by Heitor Dimas Barbosa – a gem hunter who was convinced that a new gem was waiting to be discovered. However, it was only after 5 years of mining that Barbosa had any luck, and the first Paraiba Tourmaline crystals were found. These gems were then only available on the open market in 2003 and 2005, proving just how rare they really are.

Since Barbosa’s initial find in Paraiba State, the same beautiful gems were found in Nigeria in 2001, proving the continental drift, as gem extracts of the same chemical composition were been found on two different continents!

It is thought that Paraiba Tourmaline has the greatest power of all Tourmalines. They are thought to symbolise and promote well-being, inner –strength and spiritual inspiration and also believed to encourage the desire to help others and assist in meditation.

Do you know any interesting facts about the beautiful Paraiba Tourmaline?

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