Party Season Eye Makeup to Suit your Eye Shape

Christmas day and New Year’s celebrations are just around the corner which means it’s time to get not only your outfit looks ready, but also start to think about the type of makeup you will wear to make your whole party look pop!

As you may have a lot of occasions and parties to attend over the Christmas period, eye makeup is the most distinctive way to make your overall look, look different, but this can be hard to achieve if you don’t know what type of makeup suits your eye shape.

Here’s some simple tips to follow to ensure you sparkle from the inside out!

Almond Shape Eyes
You lucky thing! If you have almond shape eyes, anything goes. For the party season, why not try a sultry feline eye looks with a thick black liner and statement cat eye flick, which will transform a simple base and have your looking glamorous. To vamp up your look go for simple shimmer placed on the centre of your eyelid and blend out, and add a pair of Eylure falsies for an elegant finish.

Downturned Eyes
Downturned eyes are troublesome to work with as the outer corner of the eye are turned downwards. To achieve more opened and ‘smiling’ eyes try wearing a softly winged flick. This will balance the outer eyelid and create the illusion of a more open eye. Add an extra coat of mascara to your outer eyelashes which will have a lifting effect.

Small Eyes
Small eyes are really fun to work with and you can get very create with a number of fun looks using different colour combinations. Make your small eyes look bigger in two steps! Take a deep eye shadow or Jumbo Pencil  and use on the outer corners of your eye, then take a lighter t use in the inner corners of your eye and waterline (next to the bridge of your nose) this created the illusion of ‘wide-awake’ eyes.

Large Eyes
They do say the bigger the better and with larger eyes you can create a number of looks for a fantastic look at any party. This party season create the perfect Smokey eye using this makeup brush set for eyes. Intensify your eyes with mascara and a black kohl pencil and smudge just underneath the lower lash line.

REMEMBER: The secret is to blend, blend and blend some more!

Hooded Eyes
Hooded eyelids are tricky to work with, but there are some makeup tricks to open out your eyes. Matte and Satin eyeshadows are great for use which will disguise heavy hoods. Two things to avoid is using frosty colours – these will make your eye appear more hooded, also using deep colours in the crease of your eye, instead highlight your brow bone. To finish, go for subtle lashes that will help brighten your eyes and make them appear less hooded and more open!

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