Pearl Catalogue – Everything you need to know

Pearl – a gemstone that has always been used with luxury and posh class. The pristine glistening surface of the naturally-occurring gem has forever held the fancy of many. The smooth and untarnished surface will always be something that people sought after. It’s an eternal gem. The love it has been showered with has never dwindled over so many years and it will never go down, either. In this pearl catalogue, you’ll learn everything there is to know about their immense and pristine beauty.

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How Is Pearl Formed?

The most asked and wondered question about this famed gem is how it is formed. Well, our pearl catalogue is here to explain just that. What makes pearls so extremely special is their make. It is the only gemstone, which is formed from a living organism. It is, after all, the result of the irritation of soft body of a mollusc. Because of how the pearl is formed, it is considered to be the result of nurturing and care, something that only enhances its appeal.



In the older times, pearls were much higher priced and rarer than they are right now. With their limited availability, their demand seemed to only grow. It went to such an extent, in fact, that during a brief period, many divers risked their life and swam at the bottom of the oceans to pick out the oysters.


Hence, over time, people started cultivating pearls. They learned and created a suitable environment for the organisms, which birthed the said gem, and then harvested the stones in large quantities. It gave a job to several and also made the pearl availability easier. As of now, an uncountable number of people cultivate the organisms for pearls.

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Types of Pearls

TJC, in its vast pearl catalogue, allows you the access to several different kinds of pearls. The difference in these kinds is not just their geographical availability, but also their shapes, textures, sizes, etcetera. Here’s a brief list of all the different kinds we make available on our platform.

Designer Inspired – Verde Onyx, Fresh Water Pearl, and Natural Cambodian Zircon Necklace
Freshwater Pearls

Comparatively cheaper than the other kinds, freshwater pearls have an inherent sort of appeal that makes them so prized. With their smooth glistening surface and cultured shine, they make the best kind of jewellery. They’re available in a vast spectrum of colours and differ in sizes. Among the others, they’re the most artificially cultured.

9K W Gold Japanese Akoya Pearl, Tanzanite Ring
Akoya Pearls

Coming from the range of more expensive pearls, Japanese Akoya Pearls have a perfectly round shape, but are much more expensive than the freshwater pearls. They’re considered as the smallest saltwater pearls and are grown for 18 months to 2 years.  They’re best found in Japan!

ILIANA South Sea White Pearl and Diamond Earrings in 18K White Gold
South Sea Pearls

One of the rarest kinds of cultured pearls, the South Sea Pearls have a reverent place in our pearl catalogue. They are not always available in the shape of a perfect sphere, but that is just an endearing quality that sets them apart. South Sea pearls aren’t that large, with their average size varying from 8mm to 20 mm. They’re mostly available in golden, white, and pink. Cultured in Philippines and Australia, they’re the rarest kind!

Tahitian Pearl and Natural White Cambodian Zircon Ring
Tahitian Pearls

The kind of pearls flaunting a dark and enriched shade, these pearls make the best enigmatic kind of jewellery. However, it is to be noted that they’re not entirely black. While their hue may be of a very dark shade, it is mostly green or brown or purple, and not truly all black. Another feature of Tahitian Pearls is that they’re found in various shapes like a perfect sphere, baroque, oval, and more. They are mostly cultured in the French Polynesian areas.



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Legends and Healing Powers

There is a vast number of legends associated with pearls. Considered as to how pure and untarnished they are, people have always associated their availability with something godly. And, at our pearl catalogue, we’ll let you in on some of them.

Following the ethereal appearance of pearls, Persians for a long time believed that pearls were founded when a rainbow met the earth, after a storm. Many Japanese people still believe that pearls are actually the tears of mermaids and angels, owing to how pure they look.


There are also a lot of healing properties related to the use of pearls. In Indian astronomy, it is believed that the wearer of a pearl ring will have control over her/his anger issues. They have been used to deal with digestive and muscular disorders since a very long time, as well. The powder of pearls is still considered as a tonic beauty of many and is used by Japanese for application on face for a brighter complexion.  Other problems like a migraine and constant headaches also find relief when people wear pearl.


Pearl ringspearl necklaces, and pearl earrings are still worn by a lot number of people as it is believed that they when infused in water, prepare an elixir of sorts. Many myths believe that because the stately appearance of pearls in inherently feminine, they are the best stones to worn during childbirth to ease the pain.


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