As we near the end of June, TJC thought it might be nice to take another look at the month’s wonderful gemstone – the pearl! After all it really is something to be admired.

For centuries, pearls have been considered a symbol of beauty and status. In ancient times they were highly revered, and thought to have magical powers. But did you know all this glamour and elegance starts off as a tiny, unwanted grain of sand? As hard to believe as it is -we promise it’s true!

The life of a pearl begins far from all the sparkle and beauty we’re familiar with – in-fact  – the pearl actually begins as an irritant! The glorious gemstone was once an unwanted grain of sand, bit of food or floating parasite that (luckily for us) managed to wind up inside an unsuspecting oyster.

Oysters are a type of invertebrate animal belonging to the mollusc family, a marine organism found in freshwater habitat, and it’s inside these animals that the pearl is formed. When that single grain of dust, or floating bit off food, finds its way into an unwilling oyster it slips between the shell and protective layer (the mantle) covering the molluscs organs.

As a defence mechanism, the oyster begins smothering the unwanted guest in layers of nacre – a hard mineral substance. This substance is also known as mother of pearl, and the oyster coats the intruder in layer after layer, until the dazzling gemstone we know as the pearl is formed. Hurray!




Stay tuned throughout the week for more gemstone facts, but for now, why not visit our stunning range of pearl-fect jewellery online now!

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