Buying The Perfect Wedding Ring – 4 Quick Steps

There’s nothing as important and crucial as choosing your wedding ring. Made for forever keeps, these beauties are some things you’ll flaunt till the end of time! It’s important that you make your choice and give it a lot of consideration. But, don’t start panicking just yet. We’re bringing you helpful tips that’ll guide you into buying the perfect wedding ring.


Our story is unique. Our engagement is unique. Our ring is unique. So our wedding should reflect us.

–  Mark Robinson


Your dreams are having the ideal and perfect wedding ring need more planning that you would have thought. You do have to factor in several concerns and details. Here, in this post, we will guide through the 4 quick steps of getting the right kind of wedding ring. Read on to know more!


Step 1: Choosing the Metal

Different metal tones of perfect wedding ring
2mm Plain Wedding Band Ring in 9K Gold
2mm Plain Wedding Band Ring in 9K Rose Gold
2mm Plain Wedding Band Ring in 9K White Gold

The first detail you need to think about is what tone of metal are you going to wear. Now, there are different choices lined up for you, like platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, et cetera. Browse the market and see them all. However, that said, you might want to consider some tips while making your choice. Having the wedding ring made in the same metal tone as the engagement ring gives a better colour gradience. You should also pay attention to the effect of shine; it shouldn’t overpower the sparkle of the stone on the band. Lastly, if you stick to a similar theme of wedding and engagement bands, it looks more poetic and meaningful.

Among the different choices, each tone of metal portrays something. Gold rings are usually the traditional and safe picks, while platinum rings are more eccentric, crisp, and modern. Rose gold rings have recently surged among the top picks, chosen for their feminine and soft looks.


Step 2: Choosing the Style

traditional or modern - perfect wedding ring
ILIANA Diamond Half Eternity Band Ring in 18K Gold
ILIANA Diamond Zig Zag Ring in 18K White Gold

The next stop of the order to get the perfect wedding ring is to pick a style. As of now, there are two mains types as seen in the market – traditional and modern. The traditional wedding rings are minimal, simple, and timeless, like band rings or solitaire rings. These are keepsake designs that never go out of fashion, never lose their charm, and look positively vibrant as they’re passed down the generations. The other option is to pick the modern designs. In recent times, designs like eternity rings and 5 stone rings have been seen quite often. Filled with meaning and promise, these beauties have earned their treasure spot in recent wedding fashions.


Step 3 – Choosing the Stone

Different stones of the perfect wedding ring
RHAPSODY Diamond Half Eternity Band Ring
Tanzanite Half Eternity Band Ring in 9K Yellow Gold
9K Yellow Gold Kagem Zambian Emerald Half Eternity Ring

Once you’ve finalised the kind of ring you’re going for, you need to narrow down to the different options of gems you’re going to be using. Now, the main choice is simple, plain wedding band with no sparkling stone, which is quite the popular pick if you want to match the design with groom’s ring. However, if you’re looking to flaunt a stone, the main question remains – diamond or not? While diamond rings have the promise of forever perfected, there are several other options in the market, which feature different gems, like sapphire, emerald, ruby, or any colour of your liking.

Once you have decided if you’re going to have any other stone than diamonds, you need to find out which colour you want instead. You can pair the colour combination with your engagement ring for a combined palette. Another idea you can consider is if you want the stones to be the same as your groom’s ring.


Step 4 – Choosing the Setting

Different stone setting of the perfect wedding ring
ILIANA Diamond Half Eternity Band Ring in 18K Gold
RHAPSODY Diamond 5 Stone Band Ring
Diamond Trilogy Band Ring in 9K White Gold

And lastly, to end your search for the perfect wedding ring, you need to pick the ideal setting of stones. There are several different styles and options that are presented by jewellers, and you can pick for the one you love the most. Below are mentioned the more opted-for ones.


Prong Setting – Where a claw-shaped binding surrounds the stone, holding it in place. Often used to crystals and clear stones, it ensures maximum visibility of the gem and introduces brilliant refraction. This type of setting is mostly found in diamond rings.

Pressure Setting – This kind of setting for gems is observed when the surrounding make holds the stone in place, instead of prongs. Here, the girdled metal or accenting stones are clubbed closely, so their pressure keeps the main stone in place.

Channel Setting – A minimal, sleek, and modern design where the gem is placed between two parallel bars of metal. In eternity rings, it is seen more often used, as it helps display a neat and fine line of regularly-shaped and sized stones.

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