Peridot – August’s Friend From Another World.

Here comes August and with it, comes the culmination of the lovely, warm season of the Sun – Summers (Sigh). But hey, don’t feel sad! There is something amazing associated with August too! Its Peridot! Confused? Well, Peridot is touted to be the foremost birthstone for the people born in this month. Although; with its vibrant and ethereal shades of green, nobody should think twice before wearing it. However, for August babies, it holds an even more special place.

Hebei Peridot ring in Yellow Gold Overlay Sterling Silver

This enchanting greenish-yellow crystal is amongst the only two gems that are formed in the molten rock found in the upper mantle of the Earth; the other gem being the undefeatable Diamond. These are naturally brought on to the surface by powerful phenomena such as earthquakes, fault movements or volcano eruptions. Interestingly, it is not solely the Earth where Peridot is found. The crystal has been extracted from extraterrestrial sources like rare pallasite meteorites that are said to have formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago! That’s not all! Peridot was also found, in its basic form of Olivine, in the comet dust that came along with Stardust Robotic Space Probe back in 2006. And that is just the beginning, it was found in some spots on the Moon and Mars as well. One extraordinary interstellar stone it is indeed.

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Hebei Peridot push back earrings with Cambodian Zircons


Back on Earth, people in ancient Egypt and many others believed that the green jewel was a part of the Sun and we’re delighted to say, this assumption was impressively accurate. It has been scientifically deduced that extraterrestrial Peridot crystals are the remnants of the birth of our solar system. In addition, the gem has been revered for eons for its protective, healing and shielding powers. It is perceived to regularize the wearer’s thoughts and remove negativity from the mind for a continuous, unhindered flow of positivity. When set in gold, experts claim that its powers are heightened. Pirates wore it to ward off evil spirits, nightmares, dilute anger, enhance wit and diminish timidity.

For the August-born, Peridot is said to instill a sense of confidence and appreciation for oneself which is certainly pertinent to the charisma of Leos and the tenderness of Virgos. Powers aside; the gem is adored worldwide for its unique and glowing hues of green including lime, olive, sap or intoxicating chartreuse as well as its conning resemblance to high-quality Emeralds.

Danglers with marquise cut Peridot

When it comes to colour, most Peridot crystals get their share of green by the presence of foreign materials like iron within them. The higher the quality, the stronger the color. In its purest form, the gem appears nearly transparent with a hint of grass green. But let’s be honest, what’s the point of flaunting Peridot when it doesn’t display its unique mix of lime-yellowish-green with utmost intensity? With its high double refraction, the gem reflects light breath-takingly. Add some yellow gold to it and – voilà! You’ll have a unique and nearly heart-stopping bauble in your hand!

Peridot bangle in Yellow Gold with Cambodian Zircons

With its magnificent looks, dazzling reflectiveness and “need-of-the-hour” healing powers; Peridot puts forth a win-win situation for all the ladies out there regardless of when they were born. After all, who can resist a stone that ushers positivity into the mind and life while looking spectacular?

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