Peridot – Know More About This August Birthstone

August is up here and that definitely leaves us to this month’s birthstone. So, Peridot it is. The olive green birthstone dissipates vibrant hues in green and golden. As said, hold a Peridot under a candle light or a lamp and sink in with the colours so come across. Often said as the “gem of the sun”, this is the birthstone for August born since 1900. So stay hooked as we give you a glance of this gorgeous August birthstone.

The Origin

Peridot gemstone

As known the word Peridot was derived from the Arabic name of the gem “Faridat”. It is said to be the oldest gemstone with existence dating back as old as 1500 B.C. Unlike other coloured gemstones, this stone is one in a few to come in only one colour and differs between yellowish green to browny green.

Special Facts

  • The August Birthstone Peridot is formed deep within the earth’s crust and finally appears through volcanic activity.
  • It is the gem variety of the mineral olivine.
  • It’s an ideal birthstone for Leo and Virgo.
  • This is also known as Evening Emerald.
  • With its rich folklore, this tropical green stone is treasured as the Goddess “Pele’s tears” in Hawaii.
  • An ideal gift for 16th wedding anniversary.
  • It is mined in Egypt, USA, Tanzania, Pakistan, Myanmar, China & Vietnam.

Cleopatra’s Love

Egyptians were taken by the chartreuse green hue of the Peridot along with inhibitions of gold. They were so fascinated that the name “gem of the sun” was given by the Egyptians seeing the charisma this stone had. Interesting is the fact that the emeralds so worn by Queen Cleopatra were not actually emeralds but Peridots. No wonder, she adorned them with much pride. Egyptians religiously loved Peridot as it is said to possess several mystical properties keeping evil spirits at bay.

Jewellery Inspiration

peridot jewellery

August Birthstone Peridot is not a very hard gemstone and falls in between 6.5 to 7 ranges on the Mohs scale. However, it is a great for regular basis when mounted adroitly on a pendant, earring, ring or a bracelet. The gorgeous lime green hues of this stone go perfectly with the sublime and understated elegance of any woman. When set in silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or even platinum, peridot jewellery forms a tale of sheer mesmerisation. It amalgamates perfectly with other gemstones for a more summery appeal and teamed elegantly with diamond for an edgy and luxurious look. Not only that, cocktail rings so made out of Peridot looks no less than divinity.

So, we’re saying…

Peridot is a very special birthstone for August born and gives them ample of opportunities to stand out with jewellery that is not worn so commonly. So, if you have fallen to knees with Peridot beauty, it’s time to incorporate this gemstone into your collection no matter what. Because good things need no reason at all!

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