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Well, the Christmas decorations are long taken down and in their absence our rooms are perhaps looking a bit sad and bare.  I never like that moment when the tree is back in the loft and I look around my room and things look tired or just dull!  I then start thinking about what I can do to cheer things up and infuse new life to different rooms.  Luckily with TJC Style to hand this can be done affordably and very simply by just adding a few new touches.


I always like to start with the smell of a room.  It can be as clean as a pin but still not feeling homely until there’s a lovely fragrance to give an ambience to it.  My favourite way to introduce a fragrance subtly, but all day long, is by using reed diffusers. I’ve been using them for years because I don’t like the smell of the artificial plug ins or aerosol cans.  One of my new favourite ranges that we stock is 5th Season.  We have lots to choose from and they are so beautifully packaged too so they make excellent presents.  I bought a few at Christmas and they went down very well!

Of course, candles are another very popular way to make a room smell divine and I like using them in the evening. We have lots on offer but some of my favourites are the high quality RHS ones which last a long time. They are housed in beautiful ceramic jars and are blended with fragrant essential oils too.


If you are in need of more handy surface areas in your living space, maybe for a lamp, ornament or just to put your cup of tea on, take a look at our stunning range of Nakkashi tables and accessories. They are made from natural, hand carved, solid mango wood so are pieces for longevity. We also stock unique sculptures and bird feeders in the range to add to your collection. I really think this range is a cut above so many things that you see in the shops and has a real artisanal feel about it. The prices are crazy low when you consider all the hand crafting that goes into them. 


Next you may wish to consider making a room look warmer and more inviting. Rich, sumptuous textures can achieve this very easily and there’s no better place to start than with our faux fur products. They come in a range of colours from deep charcoal to pure white and some come with two matching cushion covers too. Obviously, these look great in the lounge, perhaps by the fireplace, but I particularly like mine either side of the bed.  It’s the first texture that I feel underfoot when I get out of bed in the morning and helps to put me in a good mood!  They look very stylish too and when we can eventually invite people to stay again, they will look very welcoming. 


Whilst we are talking about the bedroom and making it as comfortable as possible, is your bedding looking tired or do you fancy a change?  If so, we have introduced a range of Mulberry silk duvets which could be the most luxurious bedding you’ll ever sleep in!  I’m already a fan of silk pillowcases but would love to upgraded my duvet to one of these! We have them in a beautiful range of block colours and they are also available on Budget Pay to spread the cost too.

If you prefer the idea of a floral comforter with matching pillow cases and fitted sheet, then we can help with those too!  I have always been a firm believer in the fact that changing the design of your bedding can totally change the look of a room without having to decorate.  This is particularly handy if you don’t have time to do so or maybe you are renting and aren’t able to paint the walls.   These sets make really excellent presents too for couples setting up a new home. (Ref: 3667537)

In the home furnishings range we also have a very popular line with viewers, namely our Sherpa blankets.  I’ve lost count as to how many I’ve bought over the years from TJC both for myself and friends.  We have an ever changing range from plain block colours to faux fur looks and they are a must have to snuggle under whilst watching the TV. I keep one on each sofa and also use the larger ones on our bed as a runner or extra layer.  I think they work well as a thoughtful present and you can never have enough of them.  


Finally, in these days of upcycling and crafting hobbies, you may find our compact sewing machine is just what you’ve been looking for. If space is of a premium but you fancy starting out making your own soft furnishings or just altering some clothes then this could be the sewing machine for you.  It can be operated by the foot pedal leaving both your hands free to work, has an inbuilt light, and is portable.  This could be useful for youngsters to take to college or for you to join a crafting class when possible again.  I must admit that I have been surprised as to the versatility of the machine and the feedback from viewers has been great.


Well, I really hope that this blog has given you some ideas, but it far from exhaustive in TJC Style’s ranges so do check out the website, have a browse and be inspired!

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Let the designer inside you work on creating some creative designs with the help of this mini sewing machine. This unique sewing machine features a foot pedal function and a push-button hand switch. Mini portable sewing machine can be charged with the help of a BS adaptor. This machine is made of high-quality ABS thermoplastic material that comes with a built-in light that allows you to see more clearly.

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