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Personalised jewellery can be described as a great way of describing love for your close ones by offering them jewellery pieces that has their name or initials engraved on them. Personalised jewellery is not only limited to name and initials. You can gift your mum a personalised necklace that has her birthstone studded on it or your sister a pendant with her zodiac sign carved out on it. 


Personalised jewellery of all kinds plays an instrumental role in striking a lifetime emotional connection with your loved ones. We at TJC make this task hassle-free for you by offering you options in customizing a piece of personalised jewellery according to your choice. Our customers are our spark that keep us improving at all times so ensuring that they get exactly the jewellery piece that they desire becomes our topmost priority. 

You dictate terms when it comes to selecting plating for the personalised necklace that you want to design for your mum, choosing which side of the heart would be engraved in the personalised bracelet for your sister. You are the master of your jewellery pieces when it comes to personalising them for a special cause. So, let us have a gaze upon various personalised jewellery pieces that we are offering to our loyal customers.


Heart-Shaped Personalised Jewellery

Whenever you listen to the word heart, the very first thing that pops up in your mind is the emotions that one person carries inside for another person. Heart-shaped jewellery pieces are the ideal flag-bearer for the new personalised jewellery pieces that we have on show for our customers who want to display their emotions to their loved ones.


Personalised Engravable 3 Heart Charm Bangle in Silver Tone, Personalised Engravable 3 Heart Necklace in Gold Tone, Personalised Engravable Heart Shape Initial Drop Earrings gives you a glimpse of our collection in this department.

Personalised Bracelets

Bracelets, over the years, have been regarded as a status symbol apart from the fact that they define you and your personality. Personalised bracelets take that mark a notch higher through the emotions that they bring into the picture. Whether you engraving your name on the personalised bracelet or your mother’s initials, personalised bracelets hold special value in people’s life. To ensure that you find your lifetime partner we are presenting you with a collection that includes Personalised Engravable Double Braided Black Leather Disc Charm Bracelet, Personalised Engravable Bar Bracelet in Stainless Steel, Personalised Engravable Disc Charm Bracelet in Stainless Steel.

Friendship Inspired Personalised Jewellery

Friends hold special importance in every persons’ life and therefore offering them a piece of heart-touching personalised jewellery would not be a bad idea at any point in time. Since friendship day vibes have control of all of us at the moment, gifting your friend a classy piece of jewellery would your bond even stronger

Select from our collection that includes Personalised Engravable Split Heart 2 Chain Necklace in Silver, Personalised Engravable 3 Disc Charm Necklace in Silver, Personalised Engravable Open Heart and Oval Disc Necklace in Silver.


Personalised Earrings

Earrings have been a representative of womanhood from ancient times and over time more and more designs have come out to allow them to express themselves, their personality and character. Earrings pass out a direct message and that is why personalising them for special women in your life would make them feel even special. Go on the venture of selecting the ideal set of earrings with us and have a look at our collection that contains Personalised Engravable Heart Shape Initial Drop Earrings, Personalised Engravable Hoop Earrings in Silver, Personalised Engravable Flower Stud Earrings in Silver and Personalised Engravable Hexagon Stud Earrings in Silver.


Our emphasis lies upon keep improving on a daily basis that is why adding a bit of newness to our personalised jewellery collection on a consistent basis holds a pretty high value for us. We also want you to stay ahead of the crowd and surprise your loved ones with gifts they are not aware of. This brings us to mutual grounds where we serve you what you desire and actually want. 


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