Plan Your Autumn Wedding With These Jewellery Inspirations

As the days get shorter and night expands its stay, the summer sun is nowhere from our view. The leaves begin their tumble into orange and yellow hues. It is apparent the 3rd season of the year – autumn is finally here in the UK.

Orange overpowers autumn in full glory but there are several other vivid colours that are equally alluring to display autumnal vibes. Autumn is about wrapping up a little warmer, sit back and immerse in the rustic colours of skies and fields playing a perfect rhythm of autumnal vibes. Not just that, what gives an instant ecstasy is enjoying an autumnal wedding.

Planning to tie the knot in Autumn? Well, you’ve got our back. Things while planning a wedding may get bit stressful but don’t fret.

Your wedding jewellery makes for a quintessential element on your wedding day and has to match the colours of the season. Whether you are opting for bold and statement-making jewellery, or simple and elegant treasures, choosing jewellery for an autumn wedding comes with its own set of responsibilities.


Join us as we help you out with a brilliant jewellery selection if you are exchanging wedding vows in autumn:

Pearl Necklaces Forever

This has to be the prime choice. After all, who can miss the seamless allure and elegance so exuded by pearls? When it comes to the most ubiquitous jewellery this autumn, it has to be pearl necklaces with elements of diamonds on it. A perfect accenting touch of diamonds complement the bridal attire and unleash a look directly from fairy tales.

Cocktail Rings For An Instant Glam

Have a cocktail ring on and you are all glammed to go, girl! For an autumn wedding, you can certainly choose a bold statement-making cocktail ring. An interesting center stone in that will exhibit a beautiful colour chemistry with your bridal attire. Albeit, try to make rest of the baubles simple and low-key for an equally elegant yet stunner appearance.

Rose Gold Blush For A Bride

It goes without a doubt – rose gold blush is simply majestic to tune up with the magnanimous glow on the bride’s face. Rose gold jewellery with a pinkish undertone perfectly mimics with the vibes of an autumn wedding. It blends effortlessly with diamonds or gems (opal, rubies, emerald, amethyst, sapphire) displaying colours of autumn.

Designs Inspired By Nature

Autumn is no less than a feast for eyes. Depicting the most beautiful sight of nature, jewellery inspired by nature designs could be a dramatic addition to an autumnal wedding. From the simplicity of birds chirping to the ethereal beauty of butterflies and fall leaves, nature creates an exquisite splendour well resonated with stunning elements of jewellery. Inculcate some uncanny nature attributes to your autumn wedding and grace your bridal look with a difference.

Go bold, simple or glamorous on your wedding day and down the years make a glistening walk to the memory lane with your forever wedding jewellery still glowing.


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