Planning the TJC Christmas Advert

Sounds simple right? Make an appealing Christmas advert! Everybody can create amazing advertising these days – from McDonald’s to Heathrow, every single brand under the sun seems to be able to create moving, beautiful, funny adverts which have now become more of a focus than the programmes themselves!

So it should be easy for TJC…we’re a TV channel after all…

“Quick, John Lewis has launched it’s Christmas advert,”  “no they haven’t, it was a student who we thought was them” – the rumours are rife, the anticipation huge and the enjoyment a plenty, which is great news for the media industry.Christmas Advert

For TJC’s Marketing team and the pressure of being Head of Communications not so much….

It means everyone has an opinion and ideas about the Christmas campaign.

It needs to be Christmassy…

They reply within 24 hours but can take longer during busy periods

It needs to be creative…

Tell a story…include as many people as possible…stick to the budget (always my most difficult challenge!!! I won’t lie, I’m a spender)…mean something…include our TJC collections….focus on everybody in the team from the presenters to our IT team….

The discussion begins before we’ve even experienced the previous year’s Christmas. “We should remember this for next year,” “Oh that’s a great idea for next Christmas”. As the ideas build, we start to get excited. Until the moment that it comes to creating the advert itself. The ideas have gone. They’re all dried up. They don’t sound creative enough. They are too similar to last year, the story doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t need to make sense, does it need to make sense?! There’s not enough product, there’s too much, there’s not enough of X presenter, or Y presenter and there just isn’t enough sparkle (there can never be enough sparkle).

Christmas Advert

Eventually, we work it out together – the Christmas spirit touches us all in the end and everybody joins in. Last year, we had a vintage moped in pride of place at TJC Towers for a month trying to get the perfect shots. The year before we built a Living Room in the Boardroom (that didn’t go down so well with senior managers…!).This year, the scent of popcorn and candy floss from the vintage cart we hired to entertain everyone and capture Christmassy fun still lingers in reception and probably will until next December. I can’t lie, it’s delicious and makes my tummy rumble every single time I come into the building!

It’s a long process – there are ideas to be thought through, presenters’ shifts to be worked out, products to be chosen, logistics and sparkle to be scattered, Christmas jumpers to be ordered, pet food for Chloe’s dog Womble to be laid out, people to pack and unpack boxes and tidy and untidy everything (you can guess I am at the centre of untidying), but we love doing it and we hope you enjoy watching the fruits of our labours.

Merry Christmas! Now, I need to tell my team…I have a FANTASTIC idea for the next Christmas advert.

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