Planning Your Perfect Homely and Happy Christmas 2020

Maybe not a very grand celebration but we are here to help you settle in for a perfect evening full of merry and cheer this Christmas 2020. Near or far, we all deserve to have a little merry for ourselves and hence TJC as your Christmas helpers are today going to help you achieve the best celebration around the block. Continue to read; we have so much more for you:

happy family mother and children son and daughter bake cookies for Christmas

Christmas Tree and Lights

First thing first, no Christmas is even complete without a proper tree in the abode. Real or decorative, plan and pick your perfect tree soon and get the family to reunite and decorate it. The Christmas tree decorations are perfect for getting the festive look and décor meanwhile, while staying indoor it can be a fun activity to get your creative juices flowing. The dreamy angel and fairy lights, Christmas baubles and some fancy ribbons can effortlessly complete your decorations this Christmas 2020.

Wrap Some Happiness

It is not the present that counts; it is the love, preparations, planning for that one perfect present you put together and wrap. The amount of happiness it can spread is truly countless, and we know what a sight it can be to see your loves ones appreciating your choice. TJC here is happy to help you plan not just the present but also some fantastic wraps with our Christmas store. It can also be a fun tradition to try this year where your kids and family can secretly wrap the presents themselves and hide around in the house, brownies point for the fun it can bring! 

Snuggle and Cuddle

The holiday season can be a great escape from the busy life and have some quality time with your partner and loves ones. Spread love and warmth during this Christmas time with some of our handpicked linens and blankets for you. Soft, cosy and comfortable, each bundle is packed with love for you. It can also be a great saviour to gift the elderly members of the family with some comfort and a warm embrace. 


Put out Some Mistletoe, Stockings, and Treats

Let your home shine more while you spend less this Christmas 2020. Some handmade mistletoe for your door and hand-woven stocking can be a great alternative and addition in your homely Christmas celebration series. Bake some treats and get cooking love in your kitchen for your whole family. All these activities can be a great way to enjoy some family quality time, but if you still are a little conscious about the entire planning, we have some products below in stock for you.

Your Fashion Fling with Our Favourites

How but some hot chocolate with marshmallows, bonfire and your favourite movie marathon? Cosy right, but you know what’s better? Some warm scarves to wrap and embrace. In our fashion section, you can find some comfortable and warm cardigans and jackets too. Some fancy brooches and accessories with Christmas theme are also added to complete your look and make you Christmas ready! 

Festive home and pretty you, we are sure you will have a great time this Christmas 2020 if you follow the pointers from above. TJC is your helping hand this Christmas after this is what this whole season is all about, the giving. Happy Holidays! 

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