Post Christmas bank balance: How to accessorise one look into many

If you enjoyed a particularly festive Christmas and made the most of the New Year sales, the chances are you're feeling a little bit cash-strapped this month. Sadly February is still some way off, which means having to scrimp a bit to get you through the rest of the month.

This can be difficult if you want to update your wardrobe a bit ready for the new season, especially if it was already looking a little bit bare. However, capsule wardrobes can be used to create just as many looks as one that is fit to bursting with loads of clothing options.

Here are some great ways to create different looks with the same staple items.


You'd be surprised how big a difference your jewellery can make to an outfit. You can totally alter the appearance of an ensemble by switching up your jewellery, which is perfect for making it go from day to night or for turning it into a totally different look.

One of the easiest ways to alter the style of an outfit is to change up your necklaces. Whether you're wearing a dress or a top and trousers, wearing a variety of necklace styles – such as brightly coloured pieces, chains or layered items – can help to make it into a totally different ensemble.

As well as the style of your necklace, you should aim to wear different lengths. This will alter how long or short your torso appears, as well as change your neckline. It can also add texture to your outfit, especially if you wear several different lengths at once. 

You can take jewellery one step further by teaming different necklaces with other statement pieces, like earrings and bracelets, to further switch up your style and to fit with a number of different trends.


As it's still winter, the chances are you're making use of jackets or knitwear as well as your usual clothing. You can use these to totally change the appearance of staple wardrobe items really easily.

Simply choosing jackets or knitwear in different shades can result in a different style. This will allow you to either draw attention to your jacket or pick up on a certain shade that is displayed throughout the rest of your outfit. This changing focus will help to keep your outfit fresh each time.

You can also go for totally different styles. Mixing up necklines can make a big difference, as can the way jackets or knitwear is done up. For example, a waist tie will look totally different to a button-down style and will highlight different parts of your body as well as your outfit.


How you do your makeup, the colours you choose and the part of your face you choose to accentuate can all alter the style and appearance of a full outfit. After all, a little black dress can look sedate if you team it with neutral makeup, whereas smoky eyes and red lips can help look really sensual.

Changing your makeup from day to day can make a big difference, especially when you also change the way you wear hair. Showing off your face and framing it in different ways can alter where attention is paid, as well as help draw people's eyes away from your clothing. 


Accessories are also going to help make a big difference to the way your outfit looks. Swapping your bags and shoes out for something different will make your outfit look very different, especially if you go for very different styles and colours.

The best way to work out what works is to lay out your staple outfits and see how they look against different jewellery and accessories. This way you'll have a range of looks on standby and will never be without something to wear.    

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