Power of Paingone Range & My Experience With It

Save yourself from the endless trips to the pharmacy and bid goodbye to the pain! The range of paingone products on TJC can be your ideal aide to support you wherever you go.


 Paingone on TJC

How Paingone works

Panigone works on the ‘TENS’ system, which means ‘transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation’.  This is a method of pain relief widely used around the world. It works by delivering a controlled electrical impulse that eases the pain while stimulating the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. It helps in blocking the pain signal to the brain and provides the ultimate relief.

Whilst this is by no means a cure but it can certainly provide a welcome relief to the area in pain and can be used multiple times a day, unlike any medication. (However, it’s not to replace your current meds!)


“I suffer from joint pain myself, particularly in my shoulder following an injury and I use both the Paingone Pen and the Paingone Easy.  I take my pen with me everywhere because I can use it discreetly in one minute and feel immediate relief from nagging aches.  It has saved my sanity on many occasions when I haven’t been able to stop my daily routine and when I have struggled to concentrate through the pain.

I find the Paingone Easy patch system great if I want to treat a bigger area, particularly my lower back. 


Different pain, different product:

Well, the pen offers pain relief at the click of a button which makes it so easy to use on the move.  They suggest holding it in a localised area, moving it around slightly if you wish, for about a minute.  You can even use it through thin clothes if you are out and about.  If you are experiencing pain in more than one area, you can immediately move on to treating the next area.  Make sure you use it on totally dry skin. The great thing is you can use it as much as is needed during our day and also other adult members of your family can share the same device.


The Paingone Easy patch system is also portable and wireless unlike many other makes, but with this method, you wear it under your clothing to manage your pain when you need it. With the patch, you can treat larger areas and it provides 15 minutes of stimulating pulses without any side effects. There are 12 intensity levels which you can adjust yourself and 3 different modes of treatment – strong pulse, soft pulse or combined.  This allows you to get used to the feeling and adjust as necessary.


Which one is right for you comes down to a matter of choice and how you live your life.  They are both incredibly effective and have received rave reviews at TJC!

Take it from one active, middle-aged but sometimes troubled by pain presenter that these products got my back on many occasions,  particularly when about to embark on a 4 hour live TV show! I do hope that they work for you too.



Please note though that they shouldn’t be used if you have a pacemaker, are epileptic, pregnant or are taking medications such as steroids or warfarin.  If in any doubt consult your doctor before using.


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