Prep and prime: Beauty tips to get you party-ready

When it comes to heading off to any one of the festive parties you’re sure to be attending over the next couple of months, you want to look and feel your best.

Having a killer outfit and stunning jewellery is just one part of that; after all, you can’t feel glam unless you’re comfortable in your own skin.

This is why it pays to have a few beauty tricks up your sleeve. Here are our top tips for being party-ready:

Use the right concealer

You may think that the only concealer you need is a standard one that matches your skin tone; however, using colour correcting concealers can totally even out your skin tone. This can leave you with a flawless complexion and fill you with confidence.

The idea is to combat problem areas with different colours that help to mask them. The use of different shades does this a lot better than attempting to use the same colour of concealer all over.

Green concealers help to neutralise red patches, purple eliminates yellow undertones, pink concealers brighten – such as around the eyes – yellow hides dark patches, orange is for those with darker skin tones to hide discolouration and white concealers help to highlight.

Blend these in and the colours won’t be visible but their effects certainly will be!

Strobe your glow

We all know that contouring has been a hugely popular makeup technique throughout this year, but it can be hard to achieve. Rather than risking a streaky face, opt for strobing instead of contouring.

This is a much easier look to create as you just need a highlighter – which can be either liquid or powder. Simply do your makeup as usual but use the highlighter to draw the eye to key areas of your face, such as your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the middle of your forehead and your chin.

Essentially, use it on the areas that would be lighter if you were contouring in order to create a subtle glow that still shows off your best features.

Long-lasting lips

One of the biggest issues with party makeup is often your lipstick, which tends to need reapplying throughout the night. However, if you take the right steps, your lipstick will last longer and look fab, meaning you can just get on with the festivities.

Start by exfoliating your lips and then rubbing a touch of lip balm into them. This will create a smooth surface to start with and stop your lipstick flaking off.

Next, use a liner to lightly line and fill your lips with solid colour in order to form your base and stop your lipstick bleeding. Apply your lipstick with a lip brush before blotting and applying a light top layer. This will help avoid smudging and any lipstick-on-your-teeth situations while still delivering strong colour.

Set in place

To avoid a total makeup meltdown, which can happen after an evening of dancing and festive fun, make sure you set your makeup. You can do this with a light translucent powder or with a setting spray.

Powder helps to reduce shine – without dulling your highlighter – and can be reapplied during the evening to keep your makeup in place. A setting spray gets sprayed lightly over your face once you’ve done your makeup and will help mattify and reduce creasing.

For extra security, you can even use both – just be sure to avoid going too heavy with the powder though!

Find your perfect party makeup in our beauty range and be totally ready for every party this festive season.

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