We sit down with the Queen of Sparkle…

This week we spoke to the one you all have crowned the Queen of Sparkle – Vicki Browne, to find out what she’s bagged in TJC’s totally wild sale. She shares her experience on presenting during the sale and also some of her favourite jewellery. Keep reading to get the low-down…

Hey Vicki how have you been?

I’ve been very well thank you, it’s great to finally sit down again and share some details with our customers!

The sale is drawing to an end, have you enjoyed presenting shows during ‘TJC’s gone totally wild’ ?

Presenting during the sale has been very FAST and furious, but it’s been great fun!

Have you bought any items during the sale?

Yes, absolutely! I bought myself a simulated diamond bracelet, seriously beautiful yet easy on the wallet.

What are your favourite pieces currently at TJC?

Emeralds & Tanzanite of course, becasue they look great against my skin. I also love the blue Capri Quartz & Swarovski as they are so elegant.

How do you feel being referred to as ‘the queen of sparkle’ by our lovely customers?

The truth is that name has stuck with me since TJC first launched nine years ago. I love it!

And lastly, any messages for our customers?

Firstly, thanks to all viewers who text in to check how my health is. I’m doing the 10k walk for Brain Tumour Charity on 20 sept. Any support will be greatly appreciated so we can save more people. Will let you know when my just giving page is created.

What’s been your piece of jewellery from the TJC Gone Wild sale? Use #TJCstyle

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  1. Genuine jewellery are great! But pl don’t sell crystals set in SS &call it jewellery. sacrilege! Scam. insult! To ppl n precious stones. Anything below silver is not jewellery! L

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