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You can’t truly love something if you don’t have questions about it. By asking us your doubts, you’re showing a certain amount of trust in us. And we cherish it! So, in this segment, we’re all about addressing the most asked questions. If you have any other queries, please feel free to write to our customer care. We’d be only too happy to hear from you!



What is TJC?

The Jewellery Channel is one of the most watched portals for all you bling needs! We are an avenue of your favourite kind of shopping – jewellery! Our presence is on the TV channel as well as on the website. Reigning over the market for over a decade now, we’re a name known for exceptional adornments and embellishments. We’re the people you go to if you want to dress in the most sizzling fashion. Covering jewellery along with accessories like watches, handbags, and scarves, we also give you a vast array of Home Décor, fragrances, and beauty essentials! All in all, we’re your one-stop solution for the fashion requirements.


Why choose TJC?

The biggest reason to opt for our services is our authenticity. With our parent company located in India and other sibling companies spread across the US (ShopLC,) China (STS,) and more places, we’re a vast establishment. Our scoping demographic presence is our seal of trust. We source authentic and genuine gemstones from all over the world, in their raw form so you’re presented with nothing but the flawless exquisiteness. TJC hosts skilled and crafty teams of designers, jewellery makers, and marketers, so every operation we have is in-house. From before the manufacturing of jewellery to the services after you’ve received them, we solely cover everything! We’re a name to rely on.

Another reason is our versatility. We cover all your bling needs. In our rich and all-inclusive catalogue, you’ll find from the expensive diamond and tanzanite jewellery to simple and low-budgeted charms. From bath & body as well as fragrances, you’ll also find essentials for outdoor placements. We’ve thought of everything that you might ever need, right to the scarves, watches, kimonos, and tops.




What are the Auctions and is there a cover fee?

Now, this is another of those questions that have a two-part answer. To begin with what our online jewellery auctions are – TJC hosts two types of auctions; they are Rapid Auctions and Falling Price Auctions.

Our Falling Price Auctions are the ones that are contradictory to the traditional style of auction. With time, their prices drop, in case no one is buying the featured products. So, you can place your minimum bid; but don’t stall too much as our stocks are limited and you’re not the only one bidding.

Our other range of auctions is Rapid Drop Auctions, where we drop the prices of our products to the lowest bargain. Now, this is where the thrill is! These auctions serve the first bidder. So, you’ve to be quick and on-time if you want to bag the wins.

As for the second part of the question – no, there is NO cover fee for auctions. You only have to pay the bid price and nothing more. They’re designed for your convenience and ease entirely.




What if we miss the TV telecast?

If you’ve missed the TV telecast, there’s nothing to fret about. We have an entire category on our website named 7 Days TV Catch-up, where you can find all the deals that were telecasted on the TV, mounting up for the last 7 days. There, you can take your time, weigh your options, view the other choices, and make your decision in your own time.


Why are TJC’s prices lesser than the market?

One of our most asked questions is how we’re able to afford to maintain our jewellery at prices lower than the market rates. Well, it’s easy. We’ve cut out the role of middlemen. TJC sources its gemstones directly from the mines. If we’re boasting of some Burmese ruby jewellery, be sure that we haven’t bought the ruby from a vendor, but we’ve gotten it mined right from Myanmar. Same is with tanzanite jewellery, where we get our godly gems straight from Tanzania, Africa.

By doing this, we’ve solved two major quandaries. We’ve brought the prices down so you’ve to pay little as compared with our competition. And we’re sure of the gems’ authenticity. We can rest assured that they’re the purest we could’ve embellished in your jewellery.




What is BudgetPay?

BudgetPay is our best present for you! We’re giving you the option of making the payment in instalments that you can afford. We’re giving you the option of dividing up the price of your purchase into two or three parts, which you can keep on paying till later. What’s a better benefit is that we don’t charge any interest!

However, please keep in mind that not all our products featured are available with the option. If the website page or the TV presenters mention BudgetPay, only then can you avail this benefit. If you’re still wondering, please feel free to contact our customer care and they’ll help you.




How do we keep up with the offers and sales?

Yes, TJC brings to you delight in the form of a lot of sales, offers, and deals. Some of them are open to everyone and the others reserved for our subscribed users. Among the questions is – how would you know about them? Well, you can keep abreast of these offers by simply signing up for our online newsletters.

At the bottom of every webpage on our portal, you’ll find a small, white box, asking for your email ID. Just type it in and see the magic appearing at your screen. We promise not to fill your inbox with needless emails. It’s truly the best way to enjoy the exclusive and reaping offers that we keep rolling. It’s your shot to shop so much more for so less.


We hope we’ve covered all the questions that you’ve been meaning to ask. If you have more, there’s a detailed page dedicated to answering anything and everything, called FAQs. You can also contact our customer care and support at any time, and they’ll be only too willing to help.

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