Quintessential colour co-ordinates

Colour nail polishIn the past a manicure really was just about keeping your nails looking neat and healthy. Nowadays, it’s all about fashion and colour. So should we coordinate our nail colour with our jewellery?

Colour, nail polish and ringsGoing to great lengths… Overly long nails tend to look like you’ve tried too hard. If you want to keep up with the Jones’ go for a shorter more subtle nail length. That way you can get anyway with much more in the way of nail art and colour.

All the colours of the rainbow… Gemstone colour and nail polish is pretty straight forward really. But don’t only look at the gemstone colour. What about the metal?

Mixing metals in the jewellery world are now deemed acceptable and wearing gold and silver together is totally on trend. But this may not work with nail colour and jewellery. Once you’ve picked out your ring choose a polish that will compliment it. For example, a gold ring looks good with a warmer toned polish.

Can’t decide, simply do a French manicure – it’ll match any ring you decide on!

What do you think about matching your manicure to your ring? Too matchy matchy for you, or just right? Let us know in the reply box below.

Love TJC x

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