Rare Baltic Amber Jewels To Flaunt This Season

Referred to as the stone that has been “made by the sun” by ancient Greeks, Amber is one of the most intriguing gems on earth. This glowing beauty is nothing less than nature’s very own time capsule thanks to the inclusions within it that date back to millions of years ago. But how were these magical looking gems formed?

Unlike most gems that are formed with the accumulation of many minerals and chemicals over time, Amber is the result of the build-up of multiple organic materials. In simple words; millions of years ago, the sap or resin found within ancient tress began to harden with exterior pressure along with whatever came in contact with it during this process including ancient breeds of insects, reptiles and, in some rare cases, even animals! Gorgeous looking and valuable specimens have been found in the Baltic Region in Europe and some of the rarest blue/green kinds have been found in Dominican Republic.

Many of these specimens date back to around 320 million years and thanks to their amazing structure with organic presences, remains of at least 1,000 extinct species have been discovered by scientists over the years. Consider our minds blown!

Who wouldn’t wish to get their hands on one such fascinating piece of history? Desire the same? Then check out some of the varieties we offer:



Ambers, when skilfully chiselled and shaped into perfect beads, look absolutely divine in necklaces. Not only are they comfortably smooth to wear but some varieties even emit a gorgeous fragrance that can easily kick any high-end, designer perfume to the curb!

Seen in in image (L-R) – 390 Ct Amber Beaded Necklace in Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver, 26 Inch Multi Colour Amber Beaded Necklace and 20 Inch Multi Colour Amber Collar Necklace



One of the best ways to flaunt the natural and organic beauty of Amber, especially Baltic Amber, is to wear the gem as a pendant. No other gem looks as enthralling in a fancy shape with undulating borders as Amber manages to. And if it has been polished with amazing precision and care, its oily lustre and natural inclusions are certain to spell-bind anyone.

Seen in in image (L-R) – Amber Solitaire Pendant in Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber (Ovl), Natural Cambodian Zircon Pendant in Platinum Overlay Sterling Silver



Given the one-of-a-kind origin, structure and availability of Amber; it is almost impossible to find two similar looking pieces. Hence, if you do happen to come across a pair of earrings with nearly same looking Ambers, rest assured that you have got your hands on a rare and valuable bauble! Available in a wide variety, our range of Amber earrings offers a great assortment of colours with classic “amber” colour to rare green-brown hues.

Seen in in image (L-R) – Amber Solitaire Ball Stud Earrings in Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver and Amber Solitaire Drop Earrings in Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver with Lever Back



The unique looks of Amber are bound to gather lots of attention. And a great way to flaunt this exclusive beauty is in the form of a bold and engaging solitaire ring. Our creatively crafted designs offer you the finest specimens of this historic gem and skilfully fashioned metal settings offer optimum exposure and limelight to these stunners making their enchanting bubbles and inclusions easily visible.

Seen in in image (L-R) – Baltic Amber (Ovl 3.25 Ct), Russian Diopside, Natural White Cambodian Zircon Floral Ring and Signature Collection- Baltic Green Amber (Ovl 18x29mm) Adjustable Ring



And you thought we wouldn’t have something for men? Well, our expert designers have managed to bring the ethereal beauty of Ambers to men’s accessories like cufflinks too! Cufflinks are a necessity for men who wear shirts on a regular basis, especially for those that are active in the corporate world. Our exquisite Amber cufflinks are great to add a unique, unconventional touch to any formal-wear.

Seen in in image (L-R) – Baltic Yellow Amber (Ovl) Cufflink in Sterling Silver and Baltic Amber (Rnd) Cufflink in Rhodium Overlay Sterling Silver

Fun fact: Ambers have not only been used by perfumers for their smoky, sweet fragrance but also as healing gems for migraines, arthritis, heart-burn and more. Small, organic Amber-bead necklaces are still used to help teething babies given how soft they are.

Oh, do not settle just here! We have just scratched the surface. Go ahead and take a look at our amazing collection of Amber jewellery that has been especially curated by expert collectors and designers to bring the best creations to our lovely customers.

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