Read This Before Buying Sapphire – September Birthstone

It’s time to rejoice! As the season steps towards transition, it is a harbinger of new hopes, new dreams and new styles, of course. September is the month of confluence, filled with a transformation from summer pool parties to a nip in the air. From the sweltering August to cool longer dusks of September, one can be ecstatic to finally welcome the blue hues of September birthstone in life.

Yes, Sapphire it is. So, wake me up before September ends as who wants to miss the scintillating and sparkling blue hues of sapphire birthstone.

Sapphire- the traditional birthstone of September exhibit its royal vibes with its royal blue colour particularly but the lustrous stone is also available in a spectrum of colours like white, pink, black and even yellow. The deep blue and black hue of sapphire is the most precious and expensive lot but definitely, bang for the buck. On the contrary, no matter how popular the sapphire stone is, blue and pink sapphires carry an exponential demand.

Pink sapphire

Talking about this stone, let’s drag your concern toward some key points that are crucial about this September birthstone:

Sapphire Facts

1.  The word sapphire is derived from the Greek word “Sappheiros” which clearly refers to another blue coloured gemstone.

2.  The rarest among sapphire is the one with a pinkish orange hue called padparadscha. These sapphires are named after the colour of a lotus blossom and among one of the rarest and majestic gemstones.

3.  Sapphire also lands up as a raving engagement ring choice. After Prince Charles put a ring on Lady Diana’s finger in 1981, it made news. After Lady Diana, it is gracefully adorned by Princess Catherine and boasts a whopping 18-carat oval shaped Sapphire surrounded by dazzling diamonds.

4.  Sapphires are mined from various locations. From Montana in the United States to Australia, Madagascar, Thailand, Sri Lanka and many.

5. The brilliant hardness (9 on the Mohs scale) of Sapphire places it second to diamonds and used widely for industrial purposes and of course ornamentation since centuries.

Sapphire Jewellery Today

Sapphire is a undoubtedly a stunner. Just like the girl of your dreams and her unflinching faith, this stone is everything to mark a legacy and proved to be a classic heirloom from generation to generation. Sapphire industry today manifolds to create some of the most sought after bling pieces that are attainable to common man unlike before, when it has been a pride for royals or rich class of the society only. After all, why beauty should be restricted to few lucky ones when there is the world to treasure it?

sapphire jewellery

Hope you are enamoured with the impeccable and eternal beauty of this stone and if so – then don’t miss a moment. Whether a September baby or not, shower your life with a rare and exquisite sapphire jewellery now from our collection.

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