Rebecca Mader finds her happily ever after

Here at TC we love a good engagement, especially when it's a celeb who got a ring put on their finger! The latest starlet to say yes to a marriage proposal is none other than Once Upon a Time's Rebecca Mader.

Rebecca may play the Wicked Witch of the West in the show, but we're sure she felt like a princess when her partner Marcus Kayne got down on one knee on Christmas Day. The English actress announced her new engagement on Twitter on Monday (December 29th) by posting a picture of herself wearing her brand new sparkler.

With her long, red hair worn down and partially obscured by December's must-wear Santa hat, Rebecca grinned from ear to ear while displaying her left hand and new engagement ring proudly.

And it's no wonder she was smiling, as the ring Marcus presented her with is absolutely gorgeous! The white metal ring features a stunning large princess cut centre diamond that is perfectly highlighted by a halo of smaller stones. 

The ring is perfectly classic but with a modern edge to it that creates a really elegant piece we are all very jealous of. 

Similar in style to this Iliana 18Ct White Gold One Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set, Rebecca's ring managed to shine even in a simple phone picture. 

But it isn't just Rebecca who has managed to find Prince Charming, it seems that there is something in the air or in the water on the set of Once Upon a Time, as so many of the show's stars have found love since it began. 

Two of the main stars, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, not only play a couple, but they actually fell in love on set and have since got married and had a baby. Sean Maguire also stars on the series and recently remarried his wife of two years.

It looks like fairytales really do come true!

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