Reintroducing £1 auctions online

Have you ever had an urge not just to buy something but rather make it more enjoyable with a bid? Here is a fun way to compete and win! The auctions online have a full potential to make this dream come true, and when it starts from as low as one pound, it is truly a blessing! We have been working thoroughly in this field and are finally here with a great auction with a smoother experience and better chances of winning for you. Continue to read and unveil the surprises waiting for you:

Auction at TJC
Following the motto “Bid Win and Save “, we are reintroducing bidder’s favourite auctions online with multiple offers here at TJC. It is in the auctions, where you can get luxury for less and develop the skills of bidding. Here are some of the best features TJC is offering in the auction online that might interest you more:


New for you: The auction in here is not just flooded with products but also introduces a hundred new lines daily for you. That means there is always something new waiting just for you!

tick_iconCommences from less: Starting from as low as £1, the event is worth a try! Here, every auction starts at £1, so you can bid your way towards winning your dream product.

tick_iconNot just the jewellery: Secret is out! The auction not only concentrates on gorgeous jewellery pieces but can give you a wide range of selection between lifestyle, home and other categories.

tick_iconNo Bid-wigs: When we say £1, we mean it! Every auction starts from the said amount and lets you bid further towards winning without any hidden charges or unnecessary additional costs.

tick_iconFeel free like a bird: Want to try but not commit? The auction is free for all to participate without any enrollment or participation cost!

tick_iconNo Reserves: Come and bid to win! It is that simple, and TJC does not allow any reserves, keeping it real-time and fair for all.

Some popular Auctions: 

tick_iconPremium Auctions: In this, you can place your valuable bids on the pretty premium range. Here, you can get a chance to win luxury on less and own the grandeur and opulence in your collection. Explore the premium auctions today!

tick_iconBirthstone for Bid: Whether you are a January born or it is July, in our auction you can get a meaningful stone dedicated to your birth month. Each gem in birthstone auction is believed to have a rich meaning and a thoughtful story; you can bid to know more about them.

tick_iconBestsellers Auction: You heard it right, there are days when we answer to the secret wishes of every customer and feature the best-selling range on auctions online to win. Bestseller auctions are waiting for you!

Why Participate in the Auctions at TJC?

TJC is where you can trust and rely on the team of experts to assist you. We offer secure payment methods with no additional charges or hidden prices. The auction online should be exciting and full of wins, and we firmly commit to the statement. With this little reintroduction, we aim to introduce you to a whole new world of the auction that can help you test your skills and win the products you set your eyes on. Step in the bidding world today!

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