My review on Sankom Bra

I don’t know if you are familiar with the Sankom brand we offer at TJC, but if you’re not then let me introduce you to a fantastic range of shape wears and bra, with a difference. Sankom is a Swiss-based brand producing award-winning, medically endorsed and innovative shapewear, crafted for every body and for its ultimate comfort. It is designed by a medical doctor and his daughter, who you may have seen on our show.

I personally own and wear their range fondly and love how they fit. So let’s start with my experience on their bras first.

Sankom Bra

The Sankom bra combines the medical and aesthetic benefits of a bra by pulling the shoulders back and therefore improving posture and reducing back pain.  However, it still gives an amazing push-up effect and cleavage too!  Don’t mistake these for sports bras or minimisers which flatten the bust and can create unsightly bulges. I’ve made the mistake of wearing minimisers years ago and they were very unflattering and unsupportive.

Sankom Patent bra
Patent Classic Bra with Lace – Light Pink

The patented technology in Sankom bra uses the weight of the breasts to push the shoulders back and straighten the back. It’s achieved since the product is manufactured from two independent parts, the elastic and material sections. They are wire-free for the endless comfort and with a wide underbust double band, are extremely supportive yet very comfortable.  There is a section containing padding which I personally remove, but you can also put prosthetic enhancements in this section, particularly if you have had breast surgery.

Sankom Patent bra
Patent Classic Black Bra with Lace

 Did you know that 4 out of 5 women at some point are wearing the wrong sized bra?  It can be because of weight gain/loss or time of the month but these bras accommodate a size change of two sizes either way which in the long run makes great economical sense too! Sankom suggests that you step into them and pull them up “loading” the breasts correctly but if you can’t do this they can go over the head too. Since they don’t have any wire, fastenings of hooks or straps they are ultra comfortable for day-long use.  If I talk about comfort, you won’t know you’ve got them on but support wise you will defiantly appreciate the technology behind them without feeling the structure.

Why Choose Sankom bra?

  •  They have been endorsed as a Class 1 medical device by Swiss doctors, so you know that you are doing the right thing for your body.
  • All are made from hypoallergenic and breathable material and can be washed in the machine. 
How to pick your match?         

Now, when it comes to choosing which one to go for you have two things to consider; size and style.

  • Sizing for the bras doesn’t follow the usual 32B, 36F pattern that you are used to. You need to select your dress size and then check it against the size guide. For example : Small-Medium (8-12), M-L (14-18) and so on.

If you fall between the given sizes, it comes down to preference. I go up a size because my cup size is large but it’s up to you.  The bras are returnable if the label is still attached so maybe try a couple of sizes!

  • Then you need to choose your style. We have a full range of lovely colours and some feature a pretty lace panel which can be worn on show under low cut tops.

We also have our range featuring Aloe Vera, bamboo and cooling materials. The shape wears are worth giving a try whether you are active, sitting a lot for your job, working out, breastfeeding or have back-related problems.

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With that being said, I am in love with the entire range and so are our customers! Reviews from our viewers have been amazing and ladies are benefiting up and down the country.

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