My review on Sankom Shapers

If you are already a fan of the Sankom bras, as I am, the next item I’d like to introduce you to are the Sankom Shapers. We have them for both men and women’s collection online, but I’m going to talk about my experience with the ladies ones, of course!

The Sankom shapers are very unique because they help to restore the body balance using a diagonal, six levels of compression rather than circular compression used in other shapers. These six levels compress each area of the body it supports, at the same time correcting posture, reducing back pain and providing the aesthetic benefits of lifting the bottom, flattening the stomach (yay!), minimising the waist and thighs and reducing the visible signs of cellulite.

Why choose Sankom Shapers:

Sankom Shapers on TJC
Sankom Posture Correction Shapers Shorts – Beige
  • They instantly help you drop one to two dress sizes as soon as you put them on. This fact can be advantageous if you have that pair of jeans where the button doesn’t quite meet and the same for skirts.
  • Very importantly, they are made from breathable and hypoallergenic fibres which aid moisture control, offer proper ventilation and therefore are comfortable and soft. You can choose from a variety of materials online, including bamboo, cooling cotton and aloe vera.
  • Other lesser shapers often end up giving you the sausage compression effect of distributing the flesh elsewhere and also don’t offer the medical benefits. Registered as a class one medical device, take advantage of achieving an hourglass effect, bottom lift, and flatter tummy with no visible lines under your clothing while at the same time realigning your spine and activating your core muscles.
  • I also love the fact that they are of a longer length so that there is no VPL and you don’t get any chafing of inner thighs on a hot day.
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So, whether you are going to try them under a tighter fitting cocktail dress for a smoother look , under tailored trousers or jeans to lose the muffin top effect or under floaty, thinner fabric this summer , go on to our website and pick your pair following the UK dress size chart for further help. I’m pretty sure you will be back for another couple! That’s my experience with this miracle brand and their phenomenal products, let me know how much you like them!

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Sankom Shapers on TJC

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