Rework, buy now and one for the wishlist!

Summer is all about letting loose, enjoying life and of course indulging in things we love at TJC!

We’ve scoured our website with every budget in mind, to bring you the most on trend items that you need in your life!

So, discover what TJC items you should rework, buy now and add to your wishlist – A girl’s gotta dream!

Accessorise your outfits with touches of fabulous pieces of jewellery. Splash out on an item you just can’t live without or treat yourself to a  piece that won’t break the bank but is still stunning.

Rework: Everyone has a pair of statement studs, but these stunning 9K gold ball frock earrings are inspired by a major designer influence! The brilliant thing about these earrings is that they can be worn with every type of style making them so versatile.

Buy Now: As it’s summer, incorporate colour into your wardrobe in any way possible. These limited edition African Ruby studs may be the answer for those who love minimal and simplistic style with a statement pop of colour!

Wishlist: One thing that should be on your wishlist this season is this Fire Opal Diamond Ring. This ring is not only fiercely fiery, it also offers the wearer a delicate floral touch. Wear on the hottest summer days and sparkle from afar…

Home Décor
We have versatile collection with pieces filled with home decor that will fit into every type of home, from contemporary to traditional, find something you will love to enhance your home.

Rework: TJC have reworked contemporary style influenced by some of the leading interior design with this Tucson Rose Quartz dish, invite this dish into your home which will add a soft touch of colour to any room.

Buy Now: If you’re looking for inexpensive ways on how to bring life and light into your home this set of three candle holders is perfect.

Wishlist: Probably the cheekiest item to put on any wishlist, a quillow is very necessary in any household! Wrap up in this quilted throw in the front room, but when you’re done, throw over your chair and introduce a laid back vibe in your lounge. Perfect for lazy days!

Other than accessorising with beautiful jewellery, you can amp up your outfits with a luxurious scarf or a fantastic handbag – every womans essentials!

Rework: As 70’s style is back in full swing, introduce this funky metallic tote bag, which will lend your daytime outfits a cool uplift.

Buy Now: Every gal needs a stylish watch. Even if you’re not one to wear a watch every day, this French Connection bracelet watch is a great accessory to throw on in order to jazz up any type of ensemble.

Wishlist: Whether it’s cool, sunny, raining or cloudy, a scarf is THE most versatile accessory to drape round your shoulders that will keep you stylish no matter what the weather is like. Indulge in a well-crafted scarf and fashionably transeasonal pattern and colour scarf so it will carry you form year to year – this 100% Cashmere white embroidered scarf is perfect for just that!

What will you be reworking, buying now or adding to your wishlist, this season?

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