Riding solo to a wedding?

Weddings are always lovely occasions, but when you’re invited to attend one, with no plus one, things can become a  bit daunting. I mean, who wants to ride solo to a wedding?

Lucky for you, here at TJC, we know just how annoying it can be all too well which is why we’ve got the perfect solutions to make it an occasion you start to look forward to, so kee reading…

Treat yourself! When you’re stepping into unknown territory, it’s vital that you feel confident and sexy, which is why it’s important to treat yourself, before the big day. Now, we know it not your wedding, so hold off on hiring a makeup artist and the rest, but this is the perfect opportunity to buy a new dress, a hot new lipstick colour and maybe that diamond necklace you’ve had your eye on!

Transform yourself and be noticed at the wedding, who knows who you might meet 😉

Socialise. Once you’re feeling confident and sexy, it’s so much easier to socialise. Who wouldn’t want to talk the hot friend of the bride. Make conversations with people seated at your table, or get to know the auntie of the bride, we’re sure she’ll want to share plenty of stories. Socialising will make your time so much more enjoyable and  perhaps you’ll make some new friends, or…the one!

Brunch it up. After all your socialising the evening before, it’s quite likely you’re much more familiar with a few friendly faces. Take advantage and perhaps go for brunch, a great way to solidify a possible friendship and get to know more people – it’s also a great chance to catch up on any antics you missed the night before.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a gang of friends in no time, plus, who know, you may meet again at another wedding!

Would you ride solo to a wedding, have you attended a wedding by yourself, how did you get through it?


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